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djdecks - onwards and upwards
djdecks - onwards and upwards
Posted by Gizmo on May 29, 2008 :

djdecks v0.88

Adion has been busy updating his long running djdecks software and now the fruits of his labours are out and available in v0.88. And showing its increasing maturity, Adion's hard work earned him a licencing deal with PCDJ - and earned you a price hike to boot. C'mon - you had a good run paying not a lot for some really good software. It means he gets much needed income to make djdecks even better.

Here's what's new:
v0.88 (28/05/08)
Added: Denon DN-HC4500 controller support
Added: Vestax VCM-100 support and support for using 2 VCI's (or 1 VCI and 1 VCM) together
Added: Numark Total Control controller support
Added: Autoplay folder or playlist can be selected now
Added: Direct search field in default skin
Added: AIFF file support

Fixed: Some problems when using the 4th output

Fixed: Some problems with previewing tracks in browser

Fixed: Some problems with Audio CD playback

Fixed: Bug when scratching around loop ends with a midi controller

Fixed: Reading certain ID3v2 tags
Fixed: Some problems with AutoPlay

Fixed: Some sampler bugs

Improved: MIDI output is now compatible with more MIDI devices

Improved: Various script fixes, improvements and additions

Improved: Various skinning fixes, improvements and additions

NOTE: No further comments are being accepted.
8 comments to this story

On May 30, 2008, too late said this:
i was going to buy it after months of saying i would only to find the price hike, new price isn't scary but i only wanted it @ the cheap price

On May 30, 2008, mateo Murphy said this:
you've got a slash instead of a dot in that link....

On May 30, 2008, The Axledental DJ said this:
Giz, Adion has a Macbook Pro, so he's started development for Mac OS X, but it will be some time before he releases it as a beta. I can't wait. As for the price hike, its not that bad. You have to see it as Adion, I think, is just one developer. PCDJ Dex 1.0 $199.00 USD, DJDecks $194.00 USD. VDJ $299.00 USD. All of these are digital downloads of software only. Join now before any of the above software goes up in price. I know VDJ went up in price.

On May 30, 2008, ViYano said this:
I think that DjDecks is one of the best software in the market. Vinyl control works great and, for instance, MIDI control with VCI-100 is gorgeous. IMO, the price is still perfectly adapted to the quality of this product.

On May 30, 2008, Dunks said this:
Definitely my favorite. @The Axledental DJ I dont think it will be very long for the mac version with the speed Adion works at.

On May 31, 2008, Gian-Pa said this:
how do you compare this to traktor?

ps: link broken smile.gif

On May 31, 2008, Dunks said this:
"how do you compare this to traktor?"

I Bought Tracktor Final scratch2, Tracktor2 and 3. At the time I thought they where the best they do have some nice features but never worked well on my system. When I first tried djdecks it was in its infancy timecode worded but not very well so decided to leave it for a while. I went back a while after, about the same time I got tracktor3 and was hooked it worked much better, supported different vinyl control and was very versitile. I liked it so much I made a few skins.

On June 3, 2008, someone said this:
what about virtual dj? how would that compare to this?

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