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REVIEW: 69ep h bag
REVIEW: 69ep h bag
Posted by Gizmo on May 20, 2008 :

I'm a sucker for (a) bags and (b) things that are a little different. So when I spied the 69ep h bag some time ago, I sent off a mail and asked very nicely for one to be sent to me. As a test it accompanied me to BPM and did a sterling job. But when returned to the mid-renovated skratchlab, it got lost under a pile of various bits of skratchworxdom - until last week. Suffering terrible pangs of guilt, I set about reviewing this stunningly cool bag forthwith.

The 69ep h bag is wonderful in every way, except for a key area - carrying. It wants - nay screams for - a shoulder strap, rather than using a single carry strap on your shoulder. Hear my plea 69ep - work your minimalist magic on a shoulder solution and you will get more people interested.

More detail and lots of black, white and orange imagery right here.

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2 comments to this story

On May 20, 2008, DJ Quartz said this:
I posted a link to this product on the NI forum and emailed the manuafacturer awhile back.

It specifies Serato Scratch Live but it would work for Traktor Scratch as well due to the size of the Audio 8 DJ.

On May 20, 2008, ayou said this:
It looks like they listened to you...check out Joe's bag

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