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Old meets new - Retro Machines
Old meets new - Retro Machines
Posted by Gizmo on May 15, 2008 :

NI Native Instruments KORE Retro Instruments

My age, relative to all you hot young things that frequent these parts, is well know. Even my own reviewers mock me, comparing the number of knobs on a Zero8 to my years. So you might expect that when I see the word "retro" on some press blurb, I'm all over it like a rash. This is all about Native Instruments' rather lovely looking KORE 2 hardware effects controller doohicky and how you can get a shedload of vintage synth and drum machine sounds for it.

Here's what somebody in Berlin has to say:
Native Instruments releases KONTAKT RETRO MACHINES

Berlin, May 15th, 2008
- Native Instruments today released KONTAKT RETRO MACHINES, the latest addition to its KORE SOUNDPACK range of high-quality sound libraries for KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER. Based on material from the acclaimed KONTAKT 3 factory library, KONTAKT RETRO MACHINES offers an essential collection of charismatic vintage instruments that were formative for many electronic music genres of the past decades. This includes various classic synthesizers as well as several sought-after drum machines, with their creative potential maximized through the powerful capabilities of the KORE platform.

The sounds in KONTAKT RETRO MACHINES originate from eleven outstanding analog synths, five vintage digital synthesizers and six classic drum machines, all captured in absolute studio-quality and with a dedicated sample set for each of the over 130 included KoreSounds. The sonic arsenal provided is entirely faithful to a range of seminal sound aesthetics that are still popular today, ranging from pioneering electronic music of the '70s to the rough electro and hip-hop of the early '80s.

Like all KORE SOUNDPACKS, KONTAKT RETRO MACHINES makes extensive use of the advanced capabilities of KORE 2 / KORE PLAYER and of its integrated instrument and effect engines. Every instrument sound offers eight distinct variations, organized in a concise scheme that includes optional percussive, pad, solo/lead and arpeggiated flavors of every preset. Authentic "vintage synth" operation is achieved through special performance features like adjustable glide, unison, polyphonic portamento, optional pure tuning mode and much more. All options are provided in an intuitive and immediately accessible way through the unique sound shaping and control features of the KORE platform and the integrated KONTAKT engine.

Native Instruments is determined to firmly establish the KORE SOUNDPACKS line as the most valuable, diverse and inspiring range of sound material for studio and stage, and will release a substantial number of additional libraries over the course of 2008.

KONTAKT RETRO MACHINES is now available for download purchase in the NI Online Shop for USD 59 / EUR 49.

More information on KONTAKT RETRO MACHINES including audio demos can be found at this Native Instruments page.

I'll be honest, I know almost nothing about KORE and its associated gubbins - but I do promise to learn. Anything that can give me access to such classic beats for such a cheap price is worth a look.

Just out of interest, I looked up the price for an 808 and 909 and nearly fell off my chair - not much change out of a grand for each one. Did I tell you about the time I gave away a Roland Bassline? And how I wouldn't pay an extra 50 for a secondhand 808 so went for a Korg KPR77 instead? Yeah I know - sucks to be me sometimes.

This just makes me nostalgic for Rebirth all over again.

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4 comments to this story

On May 16, 2008, coolout said this:
In the late 80's to early 90's I used to see roland tb-303s in local music stores all the time for around $75 and I never bought one. I could've paid my way through school with those.

On May 16, 2008, Rebelguy said this:
The NI link doesn't work. blink1.gif

On May 16, 2008, frequency.m said this:
The correct url is

And it looks like a basic player is free which means you can really mess around with these on the cheap. The hardware player is steep at 500 euros/550 USD though.

On May 20, 2008, Mezzurias said this:
I have Kore1&2 and if you own Komplete then this is pretty much the same thing as you get with Kontakt3. It sues the same samples, the only cool thing is that they come with some great presets and ofcourse some Kore flair like an arpeggiator. Even though I got Komplete, I still got this just for the .ksd files alone.

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