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New controller? NI say No
New controller? NI say No
Posted by Gizmo on January 31, 2008 :

Native Instruments no controller

It's no great stretch of the imagination to work out that Native Instruments might possibly at some point have kicked around the idea of a hardware controller for its scene owning Traktor software. But despite what you may have read on other sites, now is not that time.

Doing my daily check of who is stealing my material what's what on the net, I came across a post that was kind of pondering the possibility of an NI controller based on little more than "well they must be because everyone else is and they were awfully quiet at NAMM". Don't you just love fact free rumour mongering? So I fired off an email to NI's Berlin HQ and back came a response:
"We are simply not announcing any new DJ products at Musikmesse. We are currently focussing on product maintenance - next coming up is the Traktor 3.3.2 update, and shortly afterwards Traktor Scratch 1.2"

It doesn't they're not at some point, just not now. What is true is that NI are making big plans for the future of Traktor and recently sent out a survey to registered users (that I neglected to fill in being mid tax return at the time) and have plenty of situations vacant on their website, including this one that I'd happily do on a freelance basis from the comfort of the skratchlab.

It seems to me that developing a controller for Traktor is sort of half way done anyway. The layout is cast in stone as it would obviously closely resemble the software (although bigger jog wheels are a must). It's how to handle the different pages found in Traktor. Some sort of LCD screen representing the waveforms would be good as well and give it a real wow factor. NI's track record in hardware is pretty good, so should they decide to put out a controller (that allegedly they have been working on for a year) then it's likely to be a goodie.

Controllers these days seem to be quite generic, aiming (and often failing) to please users of all software, whereas a controller designed first and foremost for Traktor could possibly be a really cool thing. But I wouldn't expect an ITCH controller from NI any time soon.

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19 comments to this story

On February 1, 2008, solo said this:
love the graphic for this story. push.gif

On February 1, 2008, SpAzZ said this:
Just my opinion, but I still think SSL owns the scene. 8)

On February 1, 2008, Marvelous said this:
NI Traktor user all the way.

I use Traktor with my denon 3500 and my akai mpd24.

I use the different banks A B C D on the akai to page through Traktors different menus. Pad are used as triggers or on/off buttons. Left 4 knobs control effect - right 4 knobs control eq. Sliders are used to choose effects. Works great.


On February 1, 2008, Gizmo said this:
Spazz - you might be correct from a DVS viewpoint, but in the overall DJ scene (which is what I'm talking about), Traktor has a larger user base.

On February 1, 2008, dj_spark said this:
I guess the VCI 100 was designed to match with Traktor DJ Studio because it was a pain to make it work the same with other software...
Everything was near perfect out of the box with Traktor.

On February 1, 2008, weaksauce said this:
great graphic, good exclusive, this is what keeps skratchworx NUMBER ONE

On February 1, 2008, Fusion Sid said this:
See my name whenever you post a comment? AH YEAH. I'm undefined and LOVIN IT

On February 1, 2008, DJ Quartz said this:
Traktor Scratch has only been on the market since May '07. We'll see what happens now. Things are only going to get sicker.

On February 1, 2008, Marc said this:
"Doing my daily check of (who is stealing my material) what's what on the net"

Well, I don`t understand all this exclusive talk... "I was the first and I have the longest ;-)" I`m convinced that you are not always the first who gets exclusive/brandnew information/ pictures etc. Look at the video of the EKS Otus controller you posted before which you got from here (thumbs up for the guys @ djtechtools) as well as the idea that NI could be developing a controller. I`m sure you are going to mention that the video includes a link to the author, but so do your pictures. I think: everybody should just relax - and enjoy the positive effects of the www - lots of information and different views on the topic. I mean your contact at Native says “No” to the controller plans, but the contact of djtechtools also from Native says “yes” – so what the truth is, needs to be seen, even though I hope the rumors are true since there is not really a small customized controller out there – that would meet my needs.

On February 1, 2008, Gizmo said this:
Marc - the comment you quoted was a direct response to just how much of my material does get jacked - word for word and often with poor attempts to retouch the watermarked images. I'm still steaming from the amount of material that was "borrowed" from my NAMM coverage without even a single credit. The thing is that this is my livelihood - pretty much my sole source of income and I've worked for nearly 5 years with a distinct cut in income to get to this position. So you'll forgive me if I seem a tad touchy when I see people living off the back of my hard work. All it takes is a small linkback and I'm a happy bunny.

As for this story - I saw the original on the Futuremusic blog and it just seemed like an attempt to turn vague rumour into some sort of fact for a story. I'd fired an email off to Berlin before breakfast to get clarification, but purely for my own benefit. But when Ean posted his followup story on the very wonderful (yes I'm a fan), I felt it was worth clarifying the whole affair with what info I had.

I just hate rumours - they're of no use and can often be quite commercially damaging, especially in a rapidly moving scene. I hear all sorts of stuff, almost all of which is total rubbish, based on nothing more than Chinese whispers and pure made up rubbish put out there for a laugh. Rumours simply destroy any chance of building trust and a solid relationship with the people who are actually making the news and often sees hate mail coming from angry manufacturers (yes I had a few in the early days).

More than anything, the story was a response to my loathing of posting rumours. All I see happening now is eager Traktor fans putting controller purchasing plans on hold and patiently waiting for something that may never appear and the NI being hated for not bring out the gear they said (i.e. rumour said) they were doing.

On February 1, 2008, Marc said this:
I see your point...

On February 1, 2008, Dj Tech Tools said this:
Props to the scratch works guys for putting out one of the first dj focused blogs on the net. You guys do a great job and have very thorough reviews.

To clarify,

I dont really have time to read the other sites posts and would certainly NEVER post anything that we found on another site. In the rare instance that we do find something that would also be interesting to our readers we feel its appropriate to back link to the original blog that wrote it in the first place.

In this instance, I am not sure if scratch works is suggesting we stole our "NI building a controller" story from someone else. The truth is that story came from talking to NI people and surveys that are controller-centric. When an NI employee tells several people at NAMM they have been working on a controller- we can only assume that they are telling the truth.

Further more this story was written 3 days before the future music post (which we have never seen until now) it was posted after that only because we waited 4 days for NI to respond to our request for comment on the story.

On a positive note, we all seem to agree on ONE important thing- Rumors and focusing on them are a waste of everyones time. Lets focus on making great music instead and building cool new ways to do it.


Ean Golden (Dj Tech Tools)

On February 1, 2008, Armada (Norrin Rad) said this:
+1 Ean

I'm a DJ Tech Tools reader/addict. We're all here to do one thing - love music and figure out how to better share it with the masses.

There's nothing wrong with waiting for confirmation - after all - didn't Gizmo do that with the news on the NS7?



On February 1, 2008, Gizmo said this:
Hi Ean.

I saw your story after seeing the Futuremusic one. God knows how I missed yours, so it seemed you were following up theirs with your rather more informed one, in the same way I followed up yours with mine for clarity. I don't for a minute think or imply you steal anything. Yours is one the few sites I actually read and enjoy as it's done with knowledge and a clear passion for the subject matter.

Sorry for any confusion. Let's hope that the manufacturers continue to read our pages and heed what we and the readers have to say.


On February 1, 2008, Dj Tech Tools said this:
Cheers back to you Mark,

I understand and sympathize with your frustration about people copying posts and circumventing your hard work. We appreciate you linking back to our site when you post something we reported (for instance on the Otus info) Lets continue to find ways to help each other out and help grow the industry in a positive way. We need to put up a link to your site for starters!

best regards,


On February 4, 2008, geqfreq said this:
whatever the case is here. NI should decide on some better hardware/software integration... the SSL onslaught is coming.

On February 4, 2008, DJ Uneven said this:
Hey guys, I don't understand why everyone's panties are all tied up in a knot...
I've read all three posts, Scratchworx, FutureMusic and DJTools and all seem to contributing the same idea, but each with a different point of view. Although, I think FutureMusic's headline was misleading, they seam to put the new controller for MusikMesse rumor to bed...

DJ Tech Tools seems to just be making some observations.

And Mark you seem to have evaluated the rumor and gotten an official response from Native instruments on the issue. So what's the problem?

On February 7, 2008, weaksauce said this:
the scene thrives on drama, i'm starting a site based on rumours, half-truths and fictional products. it will swiftly dominate the airwaves

On March 5, 2008, Gary Glitter said this:
"I just hate rumours - they're of no use and can often be quite commercially damaging, especially in a rapidly moving scene. I hear all sorts of stuff, almost all of which is total rubbish, based on nothing more than Chinese whispers and pure made up rubbish put out there for a laugh."

Word, its your boy Glit, Weak Sauce from the BoyFriendz Crew was telling me how he was well gutted about how the long talked about UMX 5 "Brighton Edition" turned out to be nothing but a rumour. Apparently it had a custom pink paint job with the entire Judas Priest back catalogue on MP3 at 320kbs preloaded and cued up ready. It had a holder at the back for all your male grooming products (don't front, y'alls know gizmo be moisteurising) and the face plate was hinged so you could store your mini "cooptie" cooper keys in. It had a VCA fader to control the tightness of your trousers and the first 50 were supposed to come with 100 grams of the south cizzoasts finest grains to put between your toes whilst cutting for that whole Norman Cook on the beach DJing experience

But alas it wasn't to be... unsure.gif

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