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Vestax and their amazing technicolour dream controller
Vestax and their amazing technicolour dream controller
Posted by Gizmo on January 20, 2008 :

Henry Ford (the guy who invented the car), when asked about the Model T Ford allegedly said "the public can get it in any color they want as long as its black". And for so much DJ gear this is so true. But Vestax clearly aren't having any of that where their VCI-100 controller is concerned. It was only a matter of time before different colours and different configs for the various MIDI softwares would pop up. Note to Vestax - a black case would also be cool.

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8 comments to this story

On January 20, 2008, Tek said this:
Henry Ford is not the guy who invented the car! Car was invented by Carl Benz! blink1.gif

On January 20, 2008, iPad said this:
When will these faceplates be out?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!!? finally.... mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

On January 20, 2008, ROGAN said this:
You are right Henry Ford did not invent the car. And no one has ever said he did. What he invented was the assembly line which made cars mass produced which in tern lowered thier price and made it so everyone could own one.

On January 20, 2008, tobamai said this:
To further the Henry Ford point... black paint was used because it was actually cheaper ounce per ounce and the savings were exemplified when Ford purchased the paint in bulk (something he would not have been able to do if he had to buy 10 different colors).

You know the real color I hate to see gear in? Plastic Silver. It's trying to look like metal or aluminum or something nice, but it's just hideous.

On January 20, 2008, wakka said this:
Nice funfact, tobamai

I, for one, don't like white color schemes. Just seems kind of boring, like staring at a plain, blank wall. A common excuse for companies and customers to use/buy bright-colored equipment is because they are easier to see in the dark. I think those small bus-powered LED lamps for your laptop do a far better job and cast a really interesting picture of your setup - I encourage you to shoot it if you have an SLR camera and a tripod (ableit being the last things you'd bring to a gig).

Also, Apple tends to use white in everything - the last thing I want to resemble at a performance is some kind of human iPod.

On January 21, 2008, collie said this:
Damn Gizmo, you were running slow for a while but you caught back up with all these reviews. That was tons of work I bet. I think all this new technology is a bit overwhelming, I like stayin up to date equipment wise but as of now ima stick with my 57sl and my mk2s. That does it for me, but word, some sick coverage, jus needed to get rid of that. peace

On January 21, 2008, Gizmo said this:
"Damn Gizmo, you were running slow for a while but you caught back up with all these reviews. That was tons of work I bet. "

When you say running slow do you mean the site? That'll be the 400% traffic increase in 2 days.

As far as I can see, I had all the hot info up before anyone else, who then proceeded to shamelessly copy my stuff without credit - and then start bringing you pictures from the floor that nobody else seems to have? As far as I can see, sw_smilie.png gave the best and fastest coverage and there's still more to come.

On January 22, 2008, PaulyFatLace said this:
there was an all-black VCI but it was a limited Japan-only release. As usual...

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