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The Mighty MPC gets even mightier
The Mighty MPC gets even mightier
Posted by Gizmo on January 17, 2008 :


Akai Pro MPC5000 MPC-5000

In recent times, Akai have attempted to gain some ground in the lower end of the music production market with the MPC-1000 and baby 500 models. For beat makers on the move (in the back of the stretch Hummer between showbiz party and the studio), these diminutive MPCs have provided beats on the go. But the really serious studio dwelling hardcore MPC heads have craved something new to get their pad thumping hands on, having been stuck with ye olde worlde MPC4000 stylings. Well finally it's here - the MPC5000.

The blurb:

Akai Pro MPC5000 MPC-5000


Flagship MPC Delivers Legendary MPC Feel and Workflow with Groundbreaking Capability

Cumberland, R.I. (Jan. 16, 2008 ) – Akai Professional, the name synonymous with innovation in electronic musical instruments, announces the MPC5000; the new standard for music production.

The MPC series set the standard for producers making beats around the world. The new MPC5000 is the result of dozens of engineers, 20 years of experience and a new synth and drum sampling engine unlike any MPC ever.

The MPC5000 is the first MPC to include eight-track streaming hard disk recording, a 20-voice, three-oscillator analog synthesizer with arpeggiator, a new sequencing engine with 960 PPQ resolution, pad and track muting and mixing, 64 continuous sample tracks and 12 Q-Link controllers. There is even a new FX engine with 4 FX buses and 2 FX per bus.

The MPC5000's virtual analog synth eliminates the need for external analog synth modules or buggy software based synthesizers. The new eight-track direct to disk recorder lets musicians produce whole songs in the MPC and then mix them down with the internal sequenced programs and any input thru source. Add the optional CD/DVD drive and producers can then burn an audio or data CD to the mix. More than 650MB of premium-quality sounds from Loopmasters are included to get musicians up and running with pro-quality production in seconds.

Unique to its class, the MPC5000 delivers a full suite of production features that include:

  • Sixty four-voice drum/phrase sampler with 64MB memory built-in; expandable up to 192MB RAM
  • Three-oscillator virtual analog synth engine with built-in arpeggiator
  • More than 300 Virtual Analog synth presets included
  • Eight tracks of Direct-to-Hard Disk recording
  • More than 40 all new effects available within a modular 4-bus effects processor
  • Master equalizer and compressor with “old school” mode that gives a vintage sampler sound
  • Built-in 80 gig hard disk drive
  • Optional CD-R/DVD drive
  • USB 2.0 port for computer connectivity
  • CF Type-2 card slot (up to 2GB)
  • Chop-Shop 2.0 - slices a stereo loop into individual samples with automatic pad assignment
  • Patched Phrases - creates multiple splits in looped samples to ensure proper tempo sync without changing pitch
  • Continuous Sample Track - ensures samples play in perfect sync no matter where you start the beat in a loop
  • Twelve Q-link controllers for internal automation, external MIDI control and quick parameter editing.
  • 240 x 128 hinged backlit LCD
  • Ten built-in analog outputs, plus eight ADAT-optical outputs and stereo S/PDIF IO
  • Powerful new multimode filter
  • Two MIDI inputs and four MIDI outputs
  • Turntable phono inputs with RIAA preamp
  • XLR / ¼” combo jacks with selectable mic/line levels

The display is twice the size of the MPC2500 and MPC1000, so waveforms appear crystal-clear. Integrated Chop Shop 2.0 now supports stereo chops and Patched Phrases. The MPC5000 is also the first MPC with Random and Cycle sample playback added to the Zone play, and a turntable preamp.

The MPC5000 is expected to land at retailers in Q2 - 2008 with an MSRP of $3,499.

I'll be completely honest - I'm quite seriously lost at this end of the music making spectrum so I'm not going to even pretend to bullshit you with voluminous knowledge of the finer points of MPCism. But just so you know, there will be a small MPC special soon on skratchworx - a couple of reviews and that.

I guess the big question is when will JJ take a crack at making some software for it?

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13 comments to this story

On January 17, 2008, DJXPL said this:
: : amazed.gif O O

WTF! $3400?!

On January 17, 2008, flip-o-mat said this:
that will be an awesome machine!!!!!! :amazed:

On January 17, 2008, nym said this:
"# Chop-Shop 2.0 - slices a stereo loop into individual samples with automatic pad assignment "

HAHAH they have to call stereo chopping chopshop 2.0???
only 192 ram? that's not much more than 128
synth engine looks cool, but then again any sampler w/ looping capabilities and ADSR is a synth
by the way, does this thing have ADSR control over samples or not?
usb 2.0 is nice, looks like they finally caught the bus on that one
64 voices is nice
most the hardware just sounds exactly like the 2500 w/ a couple extra qlinks

i dunno. i just feel sorry for people/studios who might purchase these out of hype. if the code is good, the machine could be great. if the serious saving bugs that exist in the 1000/2500/500 akai-released os are in the 5000, then what's the point? unless they've coded this os from the GROUND UP there is bound to be trouble.

look, all this is for nothing if the software sucks.

On January 17, 2008, markski said this:
Wow, nice! Its kinda like the 2500 meets the 4000 but with a built in synth. If I didnt have a 2500 I'd be seeriously tempted.

On January 17, 2008, the average man said this:
This is shaping up to be a big disappointment for 4000 owners :'(

On January 18, 2008, wackai said this:
"The MPC5000's virtual analog synth eliminates the need for external analog synth modules or buggy software based synthesizers."

Im sorry but HAHAHAHAHA... Akai whining over others buggy code?! Thats hillarious and ironic.

Overall rate: too little too late

On January 19, 2008, smiggy balls said this:
george bush says akai doesn't like black people

On January 21, 2008, Hertzworth said this:
This was designed by the designers at Numark and he told me that they also took the JJ OS features into consideration when programming the OS for this thing. So I got some faith it will be dope.

On January 22, 2008, weak said this:
and i'm not referring to mansauce. sorry. REAL analog synths are the way to go if you're into synths. what are you really gonna achieve with an all in one box for production?

they almost make you forget to get some records and sample something. the whole point of samplers imo.

oh well. the average crappy artist can't afford it anyway so i guess it works out. yaaaaayyy!!!!!!!!

On March 13, 2008, Cemen said this:
<a href="">ware</a>

On May 7, 2008, MPC-5000 Bugs said this:
: @ The MPC-5000 ship with 52 known bugs and is (for the most part) useless. NO part of the machine functions properly when you buy it.There is an update but neither Numark/Akai or your retailer will tell you about it. mad.gif

On May 7, 2008, MPC-5000 Bug List said this:
Complete Bug List

1. 'Selected Pads:' and 'Mode:Replace' doesn't replace not selected pads.
2. MMC Record and MMC Exit Record do not work properly.
3. Gate at 1% in Arp Mode sounds the same as gate at 100% for steps of 1/32(3) or higher.
4. Samples assigned to L & R of paired individual outs cutting each sample OFF.
5. When recording with TC OFF, early first note ends up in second measure.
6. Crash in main mode, only on MIDI port C.
7. Stereo monitoring not being updated after recording a mono sample.
8. Values will jump to current knob settings without touching knobs when messages sent to MIDI C or D.
9. Pitch Shifting & Auto Chopping a wav sample corrupts play pads.
10. Start note only played once in a looped sequence when last note overlaps the loop.
11. Possible Crash at 95% CPU usage and above.
12. PAN resets on loop boundary for synths.
13. Sound from one sequence hanging after going to the next sequence.
14. Possible crash when using Q-link controllers.
15. No MUTE indication for mute automation.
16. Voice stealing in SYNTH mode: clicks and crackles.
17. START and END settings in FINE not consistent with range numbers after pressing TRACK.
18. Unable to record mix changes after UNDO.
19. Punching In the numeral digit to next SEQ freezes the Now: time count b4 hitting the enter button.
20. Digital noise when punching back in AFTER end of song.
21. Upon boot up the UNDO light comes on when loading onboard ROM set.
22. Trim changes made in the FINE window can't be auditioned directly.
23. Disarming track while recording (with intention to punch out) and rearming track while continuing to record (with intention to punch in) loses initial recording.
24. Screen freezes when viewing a nonexistent event type when playing.
25. Metronome still sounds when punching out in HD record mode.
26. Overwriting HD Tracks to CF Card doesn't generate the overwrite message.
27. Touching any function button while unit performs long pitch shift type operation could interrupt the process.
28. Last sliced sample of Auto Chop is always distorted upon playback.
29. Overwriting multiple tracks generates multiple overwrite messages to HD.
30. Recording new HD Tracks over previous ones doesn't totally erase the old sound data.
31. Unable to turn off MUTE for audio tracks.
32. Progress bar non-functional for certain streaming engine tasks.
33. MIDI transpose not working properly.
34. Qlinks set to MIDI Channels causing random playback.
35. Samples being rerouted to individual ADAT out of next pressed pad.
36. When overwriting .ALL file and reloading it, any tracks recorded over still have original recorded notes on them.
37. In the 'Loop Measures' window, 'Total Bars' does not calculated correctly when 'Last Bar' = 'End'.
38. No progress bar to indicate CDRW is being burned or erased.
39. Jerky playback of automated Continuous Sample Track or long sample.
40. Frequency parameter in Frequency Shifter effect can not be returned to zero.
41. Original file chopped and converted as sliced sample takes on end time of region 1.
42. Significant sluggishness on scrolling thru grid edit on long sequences.
43. HD recording input has crackles on the right channel.
44. TRIM and LOOP endpoints can be unsynced, causing editing errors.
45. SOLO missing on MPC in TrkMIX SONG mode.
46. HD automation not followed when started and stopping song.
47. Streaming Engine progress bar only goes to 50%.
48. Transpose should have a destination pad, not an amount pad.
49. Renaming sequence does not update the display correctly
50. Viewing inserted real-time step edit events clunky.
51. When discarding, deleting, or extracting, sample endpoints are off by 1.
52. Disk mode folders are not correctly alphabetized.

On November 11, 2008, Keys BeMe said this:
Just get a MV-8800 and call it a day. Your quest for the ultimate beat sampling machine will be over!

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