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djdecks - New Year, new version
djdecks - New Year, new version
Posted by Gizmo on January 6, 2008 :

djdecks update

Only the weak let Christmas stop the march of technology and Adion at took the holiday to knock out another release of his djdecks DVS app. But despite the relatively minor version number upgrade, adding 4 deck support isn't to be sniffed at.

Full change log:

v0.86 ( 06/01/08 )
-Added: Support for transparent gif and png files
-Added: djDecks now fully supports 4 decks
-Added: Loops can be stored and retrieved from id3 tags
-Added: Keyboard shortcuts for setting loop in/out points, and setting loop out point beat-aligned
-Added: BPM Detection Utility can now be set to look for bpm in a specified range
-Improved: MP3 loading is more accurate now
-Improved: Track loading optimized
-Improved: Various graphics performance improvements
-Improved: VCI-100 can now be used to start/stop samples and to store/retrieve loops
-Improved: Database search speed
-Improved: Small performance improvement when using djDecks Timecode CD
-Fixed: Playlist browse keyboard/midi shortcuts only moving one item per keypress
-Fixed: Possible crash when changing soundcard or output mode
-Fixed: VCI-100 problem stopping djDecks from responding
-Fixed: Tempocontrol was not working correctly when vinyl control was enabled
-Fixed: Problem writing tags for some flac files
-Fixed: Various problems with the sampler

To get the latest version, visit the download page.

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2 comments to this story

On January 7, 2008, Yehaa said this:
DjDecks is great! Great support and community at a very affordable price.

On January 9, 2008, chris said this:
whoooooooo! one of the best DJ/DVS applications just got even better.

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