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MusikMesse - NOT sleeping rough near wifi hotspot
MusikMesse - NOT sleeping rough near wifi hotspot
Posted by Gizmo on January 6, 2008 :

After a little more digging and checking out the train lines, I've managed to find a 4 star gaff just one short train trip away from the main Mess hall. And the rate is just too good to keep quiet - well at least now that I have a room with guaranteed wifi access instead of eating into Lil Miss Giz's university fund with the T-Mobile bill.

So if you're hunting for a place to lay your head for MusikMesse and don't mind a 10 minute train trip to the nearest stop (which should be free with your Messe pass), check out the Hotel Amadeus, but book through Expedia to get some really good rates.

Many thanks to those who offered their floors or at least friend's floors, but it looks like I'll be fresh faced and clean shaven rather than living like a hobo around the Hauptbahnhof scavenging Big Macs from bins. Actually, it wouldn't be Big Macs - I have standards don't you know.

So Nadine - have I got my web access now? smile.gif

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On January 7, 2008, O-Flip said this:
What a great first step right there
We hoping to feed some fresh news right here
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