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WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Woody on the Controller One
WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Woody on the Controller One
Posted by Gizmo on June 19, 2007 :

A few years ago, Ricci Rucker mused, pondered and padded out an idea for a new musical instrument based around a turntable. After publishing it on his own Asisphonics site, this idea was pushed through the Vestax labs and with the help of a few other gifted DJs - including the UK's 2 times world DJ champion DJ Woody - out the other end came the Vestax Controller One musical interface.

It's been seen many times before in show photos and also in one demo from Spain's DJ Loomy but what I have for you here is the first showing from one of the people who helped make the Controller One what it is today. People I give you DJ Woody's first outing on the Controller One.

A little detail about what you're about to see (assuming you've not just skipped right to the first link you can find). Woody has had his C1 for a few weeks but only managed to actually do anything for 3 days. What you're watching has been done from scratch in what amounts to a few hours in real terms - including the beats. Serato (hence the orange vinyl) is being used for the backing beats and a Woody created synth sound is on a continuous loop and is being run through a KAOSS Pad for effects.

So after a applying stickers, using a marker pen and practising for a couple of days, DJ Woody has created the "Light My Fire" routine - his very own reworking of the Doors classic track. You can hear the track on the intro to the movie.

Woody wants to stress that this really is just the beginning and merely illustrates the kind of thing that can be done on a C1. While we were shooting, we chatted about the possibilities, the directions and avenues that one or more C1s could achieve and believe me - what you're watching really is the beginning. Ricci Rucker is working on some movies as well for a soon to be released Vestax DVD as well.

So sit back, relax and watch the future of scratch music. And feel free to air guitar at any time as well.

NOTE: No further comments are being accepted.
99 comments to this story

On June 19, 2007, Makkai said this:

On June 19, 2007, wakka said this:

very cool video, I've always thought about the possibilities of using Serato or another digital solution with the C1

thanks for sharing

On June 19, 2007, eddie skratch said this:
twisted! big up wudz.

On June 19, 2007, sublicon said this:
haha, that's cool . . imagine the possibilities once someone incorporates the rest of what that sweetheart can do.

On June 19, 2007, kaliops said this:
I'm imagining myself doing some minor pentatonic solos with flares in that thing! hahah Must be so cool :D

Great routine by Woody as always, but i've missed scratch!

Thanks Giz for the video :D

On June 19, 2007, a_la_gun said this:
good to see, best hope the ruckazoid don't see you using a digital solution with his analoue table though or you'll be on the ignorant list.blink1.gif

On June 19, 2007, X-ACTO said this:
that was a musical moment right there :D
ILL!!! I can see these things being used in major band concerts in the future and not just but turntablists... This thing really is mind-blowing.
thanks Gizmo and props to Vestax & Woody
peace out []

On June 19, 2007, k_one said this:
I just realized that the controller one is kinda the re-invention of the monophonic analog synth...just with selectable sounds..
damn nice blink1.gif lot's of possibillities!

On June 19, 2007, IanJ said this:
I knew when hat table was first shown it was going to be really great but that video is really really awesome a table like that would be so great to use in the studio working on new tracks

On June 19, 2007, DaCaveDwella said this:
Very Very Nice...I Like Both Videos from Loomy & Woody...Man...Now I'm really hyphy on gettin these decks...gotta crank up the funds to bust out some new gear...


On June 20, 2007, Eugene said this:
Pretty interesting considering Woody's only had 3 days to mess with it, but I'm still waiting to see what Ricci and D-styles come up with. That could easily be done with a cheap midi controller with pitch bend.

Endless tone melodies have already been done.

I'm more curious to see how this can be integrated into a midi setup, used with a foot-pedal, or be used in some other way without resorting to playing it like a monophonic synth

On June 20, 2007, Eugene said this:
Pretty interesting considering Woody's only had 3 days to mess with it, but I'm still waiting to see what Ricci and D-styles come up with. That could easily be done with a cheap midi controller with pitch bend.

Endless tone melodies have already been done.

I'm more curious to see how this can be integrated into a midi setup, used with a foot-pedal, or be used in some other way without resorting to playing it like a monophonic synth

On June 20, 2007, Iron Monkey said this:
Hmmm, I am kinda on the fence with respect to the specifics here. Don't get me wrong, that was a good routine and certainy shows off the level of control the C1 features, but, I am waiting for the vids that have more of a "scratch" vibe incorporating some traditional scratch skills with the extra features of the sick looking C1.

Props to Woody for being a part of the creation of this monster, the challenge is to showcase this thing doing something that cannot be done on any other instrument.

That routine is more like using the turntable as a keyboard (or faderboard) - so why not just use a keyboard... don't get me wrong, there is something mighty sweet about hearing that level of control over sound coming from a spinning platter based instrument, but I know it can do much much more.

Here's to Woody's next C1 video

On June 20, 2007, Itchy Digits said this:
Been eagerly awaiting that one. Good to see a real demo of the possibilities. Nothing mind blowing but can't wait till we see more skratching involved and maybe some MIDI being used somewhere in there aswell....

Anyway big thanx to Giz and Woody for the vid and anyone involved in the TT's creation.

On June 20, 2007, LorD_Ic0n said this:
Now i want 2 of these things smile1.gif

On June 20, 2007, the real story said this:

"There's a process to introducing a product, ESPECIALLY one like this. It's obvious you don't understand that first impressions are everything, so you just throw it out there, and see where it lands. Thats not how you get people, straight up.

This lack of respect means you're small time, thats why you'll stay small time until you understand what RESPECT is.

Real respect would be contacting me, trying to work a campaign to promote this. If you really respected the man and the idea, and wanted to be apart of it, you'd get in contact with me and work how to maximize everyones contacts and skills to presenting this instrument in the best way possible. Organizing and getting the right people behind it is how to move any product.

Thats how real business gets down.

Instead, you wanna try to bypass me, the REAL creator, and the most apt to demonstrate it, and want to add more injury to insult by calling an idea contributor a co-creator. Sounds like you and woody have your your own little business venture going on."

On June 20, 2007, Professorbx said this:
Trying not to fucking choke Ricci to death.....

On June 20, 2007, CZim said this:
I don't know i seen the possibilities but that video was pretty lame. I mean it didn't use a whole ton of Skill, it seems pretty much like taking the precise pitch adjustment that 8ball used with test tones and making it way easier.

The future will only show us if their will be true innovation with this product of it will go by the wayside like the 07isp

On June 20, 2007, simon says said this:
I showed this to a non scratch savvy mate, he wasn't impressed and neither am I much. That whole routine could be done on a synth, it makes the C1 look ridiculous. I could argue that Woody should have waited until he had something more substantial, but I understand his eagerness to get this out. Personally I'm going to discount this video and hold back judgment until D and R drops something.

On June 20, 2007, stiltz said this:
To Ricci's comment:

(1a) This is old news. News of Woody having the C1 and planning on release a video once edited has been out their for quite some time. All that time, you could've spoken to Gizmo and whoever about possible promotions to get as much "thunder" as possible.

(1) "Get people?" Wasn't this product supposed to aimed at a niche market, for the capable, aspiring turntablist musicians who feel the need to break the boundaries of 33/45 RPM? All the people that NEED to know about it, already know about it. There is no need to increase demand on a handcrafted, super limited product. This is news and coverage for the people interested.

(2) You had the "idea." So? Do you really think you were the first one to think about creating a turntable that's able to play chords, progressions, and whatnot? No. But you have a certain status in the industry and Vestax overheard, and listened.

(3) As far as business and marketing is concerned, leave that for the MANUFACTURER and their DISTRIBUTORS. THAT is how BUSINESS goes down. They ask YOU to promote; you shouldn't venture off independently, pedaling a product yourself.

And as far as turntablist media goes, Skratchworx is the first site to come to. They have good intentions, unlike your rather bitter outlook on, well, everything.
Speaking of small time, what the hell is Hooked On asisphonics?

On June 20, 2007, topher said this:
woody is really good on the cut, i just wish he didnt jump the gun with this. this got me hyped up to buy a keyboard. i got excited to watch it too...

im with everyone else about waiting to see what ric and d create. or woody doing a more scratch involved routine

On June 20, 2007, DaCaveDwella said this:
I mos def enjoyed the videos...I agree with Iron Monkey with his 2 cents...!! yes woodies routine could possibly have been done with a vestax 3000 & a midi controller keyboard...don't know for sure since the vestax 3000 isn't out yet...but it seems that would be the case?? I was wondering about the co-creator thing cause I have only seen the rucker & mr styles on the vestax website...didn't see no dj woody...not to say he doesn't have skills but...hip hop is a true form of music which skratchin is a element of. to lie or try to alter hip hop or skratch history is wickidy wickidy wack...!!


On June 20, 2007, Truth Speaker said this:
Ricci Rucker is an arrogant whiny bitch.

On June 20, 2007, Truth Speaker said this:
Ricci Rucker is an arrogant whiny bitch.

On June 20, 2007, Bomberman said this:
Hmmm thats pretty cool. Nice for having the C1 for what....3 days? Once again, Ricci needs to calm the fuck down. Stiltz pretty much summerized my thoughts on Ricci's comment.
Anyway back to the subject at hand. I do agree that the video really just shows how much a C1 can sound like a monophonic synth. Understandable...he's had it for 3 days. Does it really matter that he's so eager to put out an early video? I mean, we all know and understand that this isn't the extent of its potential. This aint gonna be the only video thats gonna be released on the C1 so how is this gonna hurt anybody?

On June 20, 2007, Gizmo said this:
Let's put this in context:

Only 3 people got a Controller One - D-Styles, Ricci and Woody. To me, this speaks huge volumes about Vestax's regard for Woody's contribution. And if they didn't want him to show it, they wouldn't have sent it to him. Vestax are extremely happy with the demo (they didn't know I asked Woody to do it) and so is just about everyone else.

Ricci's videos are still coming and when they do arrive, you will then see what the C1 can really do - as the originator imagined it could. And I'm sure subsequent videos will appear from others as well. While we wait though, Woody's demo shows the merest glimpse of the creative possibilities.

On June 20, 2007, Markski said this:
<quote>Woody should have waited until he had something more substantial, but I understand his eagerness to get this out</quote>

I think its our eagerness to see what the C1 to that has motivated Woody to put this out and we should be greatful he's giving us the opportunity to do so.

<quote>That whole routine could be done on a synth, it makes the C1 look ridiculous</quote>

I'm sure once peeps get a handle on the creative potential and vision of its creators the envelope will be pushed. Lets not forget that ultimately the C1 is a keyboard/midi controller that uses a turntable/vinyl to create its sound, which I think Woody's demo showcases very well. I know if I had one I'd probably spend the first week at least jamming out basslines on it.

On June 20, 2007, MrDarth said this:
I do understand rucker, this is like his baby, somthing he has developed, and waited like 2-3 years? to come to life. Maby more. Im sure he wanted to be the first out with a vid, to show the true potential.

But for us, the fans, scratchers so on, this is good, since we get to see the god damn thing in action, i cant fucking wait til i get mine. But i was hoping for a more advance use of the controller one then what woody did, the rutine was dope, dont get me wrong, but the question on most people minds are, can this do what no other instrument can do? I belive yes, but we want to se i to.

But, i give all my props and respect to the creators of this.

On June 20, 2007, O-Flip said this:
People on this planet waiting for a long time for this
A video of C1, man, finally I can watch it today
It just woody routine with the pitch buttons
Remember, this is just the beginning
There's more of complicated video of C1 to come from the originators
I'm totally enjoy watching this video

On June 20, 2007, muzzell said this:
wow... It really amazes me the amount of pure hate/anger and jealousy people are showing on this. I bet woody wished he hadnít even bothered.

On June 20, 2007, missingthepoint said this:
"I showed this to a non scratch savvy mate, he wasn't impressed and neither am I much. That whole routine could be done on a synth, it makes the C1 look ridiculous."

Isn't much of the point of the controller1 the keys and playing notes with them? Doesn't this clip do just that? And if you use the midi, surely you're taking away the hands on live dj element. Not really for the scratch market then.

Pressing buttons to control pitch seems to be what this thing does. What else does it do? what am I missing? suspicious.gif

On June 20, 2007, k_one said this:
I think people (and maybe especially the creators) might be forgetting one thing; that the scratch market is an incredible small niche. And they've managed to make a products that makes a niche within the niche. So even mentioning advertising, and how to "introduce a product" in this context is just plain ignorant.
The C1 is what it is, and sure enough great for it's use, and probably a revolutionary product for its purpose.
But, even so,everybody can see that the C1 will never be a volume seller. Looking at the numbers of "similiar" (read: niche) products like the Faderboard and QFO I would be surprised if the C1 would reach a very far above a 3 figure sales number - worldwide..

On June 20, 2007, miffed said this:
Cant wait for Jeff Mills to inroduce this into his set up when he performs

On June 20, 2007, a_la_gun said this:
"wow... It really amazes me the amount of pure hate/anger and jealousy people are showing on this. I bet woody wished he hadnít even bothered."

seconded - thats just the nature of these boards though. I have reserved judgement on the c1 for the moment and since i heard about it too, i dont think anybody is having a dig at woody - he's a proper heavyweight to me and commands respect.

Gizmo - if ricci contacted you to put a vid out at a later date....tough! - your looking after business and doing what you always do, getting exclusives impartially. I'm sure if vestax asked you to hold off you would have done (like the evo 9 thing). If vestax/ricci want an exclusive launch/slash business platform/marketing drive thats a vestax issue - their marketing department either cant or dont want to play ball that way..remember there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

I think ricci thrives on other peoples negativity towards him and i hope this thread doesn't turn in to another ricci v's the world because its old, and because it takes away from the topic in hand.

Truthfully, i can't see the C1 living up to expectations due to the inherrent limitaions of the turntable BUT thats not to say there wont be some new doors opened and some excellent routines to follow, i hope to stand corrected though.

On June 20, 2007, Gizmo said this:
You're quite right - seeing as this is a Vestax product, they call the shots. And they're very happy to see the demo and look forward to more of this sort.

I would rather discuss what Woody has done in this demo and the possibilities, rather than what Ricci Rucker feels about posting this demo. Like I said on his forum - we've had enough of his words. We just want his music from now on. Right now, rather than focussing on the politics, people need to think about what could be done and bounce around ideas to encourage avenues of exploration.

When I was watching Woody do this set, I was reminded of a Jazz quartet. I could imagine a group of people, each armed with a C1 playing different sounds just like a band. You now have the added element of notes rather than speeding up or slowing down sounds with a conventional turntable. Now you have the possibility for people playing the same tunes, making chords together and creating harmonies - much more so than with a team of conventional DJs drumming and scratching aaaah.

Right now, I'm feeling the freestyle potential of the C1 and not even thinking about what can be done by running one from MIDI (which Woody did show me). That's a whole other realm.

On June 20, 2007, X-ACTO said this:
woody does state at the beginning of the video of this first demo that this isn't the defenitive way of playing it, instead it is simply one way one can use this equipment. He did show us a non-scratch routine, doing somewhat of a cover version of another song, so that does show how manipulative this thing can be... He did this in 3 days... So one can think of what could come with some more time. Maybe his point was precisely not to include any scratching...
Yes, this could have been done with a synth, but it is not a synth, it is a turntable and I guess it is the first time that most people have seen this type of stuff being done with a turntable.

More videos will come up sooner or later, so let's just chill and be happy that this type of equipment has been thought out and made. Someone has to push things forward, and Vestax is doing it. Some may call it crazy-expensive-ridiculous toys, others can see true potential in it. But even if it ends up in a huge failure, Vestax did it, and the goal of going further and getting the equipment closer to the concepts of great artists has been achieved.

People used to argue that the manufacturers needed to get closer to the users and listen to our needs, look how far it has been achieved...
Websites & Forums like skratchworx do put users sharing oppinions and views and it seems that many manufacturers do listen.

peace out []s

On June 20, 2007, DaCaveDwella said this:
Quoteamazed.gifnly 3 people got a Controller One - D-Styles, Ricci and Woody:Quote

Ummmm...what about Dj Loomy. did he buy his or what? that would make four people then. He made the first video & never claimed to be a co-creator. I like that...true folks

Controller One's are in stock in the U.S....alls you gots to do is order it from yo dealer.

On June 20, 2007, Gizmo said this:
Loomy got sent one by Vestax to demo at a show in Spain I think. AFAIK he wasn't involved in the design but Woody was hence getting a production model to keep - but I'm getting clarification from Vestax on all this.

On June 20, 2007, tim tempest said this:
come on now girls... its only a turntable


chill fs

On June 20, 2007, sublicon said this:
Giz - screw the naysayers, man, especially Mr. Rucker.

The truth is, the man is an inventor, a creative mind, and thus he has zero clue how business is conducted. You have no obligation to the man to include him in anything. If he wanted to be in on it, the onus was on him to come to you to work something out, not the other way around.

The editorial staff will write what it wants based on the information that's provided. If the pr/manufacturer/inventor side wants a part in it, they need to pick up the phone. End of story.

That said, the vid is great, though I know it doesn't show the full potential of this piece. So lets hope Mr. Inventor stops typing angry replies to debunk all the so-called myths surrounding his product, and he posts some music so we can see what the deal is.

On June 20, 2007, wakka said this:
Ricci Rucker's music is rather dope, but his attitude towards the art form is close minded, pompous, and arrogant.

Simply put, Ricci Rucker is the Kanye West of turntablism.

On June 20, 2007, Yip Yap said this:
mmmm...too much negative energy around this turntable.

Must go to the beach and skratch with my QFO.

On June 20, 2007, Yip Yap said this:
mmmm...too much negative energy around this turntable.

Must go to the beach and skratch with my QFO. blink1.gif

(side note: posting on this forum is difficult now. Incorrect security code my arse! Feels like a vending machine that won't accept my dollar.)

On June 20, 2007, Fuzz said this:
WAKE UP PEOPLE! This is all a fake controversy contrived by Vestax, Ricci, Gizmo and Woody to garner free publicity. See through the lies. It's just one big conspiracy.

If I learned one thing from Ricci, it's that the world is full of mediocre minds trying to oppress "true creators" like us.

On June 20, 2007, sammyd said this:
Having read ricci's comments on that 'other' forum, I sure as hell hope this demo video(s) he's planning on producing make me absolutely smash my load because if they don't I'm going to laugh my socks off and post a comment longer than any ricci could ever write (speaking of which, shouldn't he be practising?), if it does however, fair play.

On June 20, 2007, Autodactyl said this:
"Feels like a vending machine that won't accept my dollar."

Excuse the pun, but that's right on the money! Personally, I think the vid was not the best, but not the worst either, by far actually.

On June 20, 2007, wakka said this:
Autodactyl, he was talking about the new security code you have to enter on the bottom :D

On June 21, 2007, Professorbx said this:
Fuzz-have you lost your fucking mind? Seriously, give me a break. Go back to talking about space aliens and who shot Tupac.

On June 21, 2007, hacksaw said this:
What is the point of this turntable?

its just a really long winded way of sort of playing keys or synth, but making it difficult for yourself?


On June 21, 2007, Maskrider said this:
So Much Hate.Ricci Fucker....Seriously this Guy needs a Doctor.

On June 21, 2007, Fuzz said this:
I'm just kidding Prof. Just trying to climb inside Ricci's glorious mind for a sec there. One chunky,arrogant scratch nerd versus the world.

On June 21, 2007, solo said this:
:D guys, this is great.

I love this turntable.


On June 21, 2007, Reezy said this:
he didnt touch the record or the fader sick.gif

On June 21, 2007, Monk-A said this:

On June 21, 2007, Lamont said this:
Great Stuff!
I need one right now!

On June 21, 2007, O-Flip said this:
PDX-3000MIX + MIDI Controller vs C1
Which would be the popular choice?
Damn, I can't effort it

On June 21, 2007, repocon said this:
ricci we are no interested on who's idea the C1 is just show us what your invention can really do and stop posting on your comfort forums post here and dont say things at peoples back!mad.gifmad.gif your like a small kid ricci

On June 21, 2007, kbot said this:
Fuck all that....

Woody- Thanks a ton for doing that, and especially after 3 days. Great stuff, looking forward to hearing more. You are fucking awesome.

Giz- I seriously have to guess what the security code is for 5 minutes, it's a little to secure... blink1.gif

On June 21, 2007, sublicon said this:

It takes me TEN!!

On June 22, 2007, DaCaveDwella said this:
Controller One Rules...!!

Ummm...maybe you guys can see better if you laid off da smoke a maybe you need more that was my 2 cents...sorry giz...actually I have mastered the dyslexic code crackin and able to get in on no more than 2 tries...gettin it down to first it was like five times...maybe I needed more smoke (ummm...that's fog machine style...incase you were thinkin of something else)...

Controller One Rules...!!


On June 22, 2007, The Ruckazoid said this:

Thats just one project, do you feel the music?

Does it sound like I don't know ho to feel, or move my body?

There is very little respect here, and this is why the scene is weak, and why I don't cater to it. To much male energy.

but you know what?

I don't need the scratch scenes respect, I invent, I create, and I give. I haven't used any of you, yet your using me and mines, and wanna diss while your at it?

I would never take someone else's idea then try to run with it. Not even D-styles would do that, and he COULD. There's just a respect.

IF there were respect, heads would get together and cross promote and create an international promotion for the benefit of the turntable and usage.

See, I'm the first to say this, yet I'm the cocky dude?
I'm the one changing all the time, yet, I'm the cocky fuck?
I'm involved in big business, I don't think many of you are aware of this. I know how to make things work, and this is not how to. And since this is the general attitude, I'll keep it in my hands to make sure it's repped right. I got my lawyer on it now.

There can be 5000 videos.

This is not the point, the point is respect for the precise promotion of this instrument which I CREATED. Someone always trying to take my shit:

"I had to take his shit"


"he had a bad attitude"

"so no one will care about his problems"

I had to kill him"


he was a nigger

same shit to me, trying to use this so called internet "majority" which is NOT, to validate it?

Its only arrogant judgmental people with no real insight to what I am or do on a daily who have these assumptions.

I'm my own pace, and people don't wanna respect that.

Anyone who could be on my level, would have respect for me. Not because they have to, but because you'd relate to the effort it takes to get to the skill level I have, which you'd have. If you had a similar skill level, all this bullshit which you nerds are focused on, wouldn't even cross your mind.

Woody is not on the same level as me, if he was he's have more patience. That's the most obvious sign. He's on some other shit. I respect it, just like I respect you being what you want. You kids are fucking goofy for that shit.

Some people will negate anything I say, then say I'm about negativity? What in my comments about woody posting up a premature video was negative? HE knows he fucked up, and yall muthafuckas know it too. You don;t have to say shit, a majority on this BOARD doesn't have to agree for the truth to be known. It's obvious.

The point you're trying to prove to me is on some war mentality shit "yeah we know we fucked up, but we are free to do what we want" no respect. Thats how wars start.

I wouldn't do what he did, Mike BOO wouldn't do what he did, Dstyles wouldn't DO what he did, and no one I know who has DOPE SKILLS would do that. Thats where the respect comes in.

Its yall muhafuckas who cant swallow your pride and open your eyes and hearts, thats why you stuck on the same shit, while I'm on that other shit, making my ideas come true, making them hits.

Ive given ideas to other products in existence, such as the "eclectic breaks fader" that itself is a working version of my old posts, anyone who follows this, knows this. Ideas for mixers to Vestax, etc... but you don't see me on youtube or trying to officially make myself a representer or creator, when its very obvious who's been behind some of the ideas which have been beneficial to scratching.

Just cause your quiet dont mean your humble. That nigga woody got caught talking shit to someone on youtube about how he has more complex melodies than me. Rule of thumb, if you try to be complex, your surely not advanced. I'll leave it at that.

I just watch people talk their shit, think they know.

Anyone who thinks they know someone cause of online has SERIOUS problems. I would NEVER IN MY LIFE assume I know ANYONE from online experience. The only thing I can do is focus on whats said, and thats it. It's words, read them, respond to them, keep your ASSUMPTIONS to yourself. This is not practiced with everyone else when it comes to me, and how many of you actually met me and ran with me through the streets?

I dont read someones post, disregard their post, based on some past ASSUMPTIONS, then change the subject and get on some negative shit to apparently battle their negative shit, which was only a personal interpretation.

I'm not negative.

Me being fresher than you, is not NEGATIVE, its a FACT.

Its YOU that become negative because I have no remorse for telling the truth.

nerds, I swear.

trust me, mp3s, nerds, its all going to a close.
yall had a nice 3 year run, but physical product sales are about to go up for those in the know, and the live shows with the real shit are about to bang harder than any of this shit your pushing on here.


On June 22, 2007, wakka said this:
No surprise.

I see the Ruckazoid's name, and I also see an ocean of words of self-appraisal, "Respect for Dummies" by Dr. Rucker, and more disparagement towards new technologies and their users.

No one is questioning your musical ability, Sir Rucker, Megablaster 5000 was so fresh I bought two copies from TTL. And I hold an utmost respect for you as a musician. But NOT as a politician who pushes his views on "how it should be."

After all your appearances on the internet, I've learned one thing from you. When it comes to you Mr. Rucker, when it's all said and done... more is said, than done.

On June 22, 2007, I-Dee said this:
To emphasize on wakka:

"When it comes to you Mr. Rucker, when it's all said and done... more is said, than done."

On June 22, 2007, DaCaveDwella said this:
Well...Doesn't Seem That Vestax Is Puttin Down Dj Loomy Or Dj Woody For Puttin On Demo Videos Of The Controller One Or Else They Would Say Something About It Just Like PioneerDj Does On There Website.

They Even Have A Link To The YouTube Controller One Videos On The Vestax Website...Copy & Paste The Link Above.

Hey Kids...Enough Words...Take It To The Dj Battle...!!

On June 22, 2007, O-Flip said this:
DaCaveDwella, I think that will do the justice
sw_smilie.png = fresh

On June 22, 2007, chuckling said this:

I love how Ric makes a post and everyone automatically goes on the defences saying he is a negative cat. hahaha. One of the nicest guys ive ever met.

i bet if he made a long post saying he was an asshole everyone would reply telling him he's great.

i find it funny how people read papers, books, internet and believe what they are presented with. Guy does the same thing direct from the source, himself, and people refuse to accept?

i dont know dude on a personal level but this scenario has amused me for several years now and while most people are sat in the rooms typing this shit, just like im doing now. The man has made music released records and god knows what else...

join the crusade for creativity not negativity or how else we supposed to breed positivity.

On June 22, 2007, Lamont said this:
Quote From Ricci.
"There is very little respect here, and this is why the scene is weak, and why I don't cater to it. To much male energy.

WORD 'EM UP !!!! :D
Nailed it!

On June 22, 2007, ScratchKnight Sees Promise said this:
A C-1, A QFO = Turntablist Dream! How cool would that be...
compose a team like that lol A dude on the QFO one on a faderboard and a few C-1's.

On June 22, 2007, Agreed said this:
Quote From Ricci.
"There is very little respect here, and this is why the scene is weak, and why I don't cater to it. To much male energy.

Quote From Ricci.
"WORD 'EM UP !!!!
Nailed it!"

I think its also to do with the difference between people who scratch and people who make music. There has been a clear divide for a few years now.

Props on Sense's Overload by the way!!!

On June 22, 2007, DJ JEFF said this:
Also being a producer i would like to see this deck next to my MPC and do some crazy shit with it! My fingers are starting to get itchy.

Dope routine by woody,couldn't hear a single false

On June 22, 2007, Solo said this:
Rucker... you are an idiot.

On June 22, 2007, sublicon said this:
I want to put spices and alcohol on it, and use it as a lazy susan...which I can play musical notes on.

On June 22, 2007, Fuzz said this:
Anyone here read "A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES"? Ricci reminds me of Ignatius Riley.

On June 22, 2007, yo said this:
the ric is that dude.

On June 22, 2007, DaCaveDwella said this:
Ummmm...Polyspectra...Sorry Not Feelin It (Nothing personal Rucca...strictly music)...Kinda Soft Fo Me...Not My Genre of Scratch Beats/Hip Hop Beats...I'm still feelin some ol' d-styles, needle thrashers, q's records...Got any other myspace pages with other types of music or some real hard beats??

To Keep On Da Subject...Vestax Controller One Rules...!!


On June 23, 2007, thierry said this:
hum... scratching with an endless tone to have a new "keyboard function": may be you should try with a piano ...sorry, not my cup of tea smile.gif

On June 23, 2007, Bomber said this:
"Me being fresher than you, is not NEGATIVE, its a FACT."
. :D Couldn't stay entirely interested in that article but....whats that gotta do with the vid? haha.

Yeah I know you probly all ready know this Giz but....that code at the bottom is a little bit vending-machine haha.

On June 23, 2007, Solo said this:
? Use all caps and you're golden.

On June 23, 2007, DBM said this:
On June 22, 2007, The Ruckazoid commented...
I'm involved in big business, I don't think many of you are aware of this. I know how to make things work, and this is not how to.

idea.gif Is this the way to do it -

You could not make this shit up blink1.gif

On June 24, 2007, Bomber said this:
Someday Id love to see this used in competition....imagine what crazy shit dudes could do if something like this could be in the DMCs or ITFs or the Vestax battles etc! love.gif embarrest.gif

On June 24, 2007, Autodactyl said this:
"Autodactyl, he was talking about the new security code you have to enter on the bottom :D"

So was I. Should have used the enter bar to separate those two thoughts.

On June 24, 2007, Autodactyl said this:
This is all I hear from Ricky: "Me, Me, Me, and you know what... Me."

On June 25, 2007, MakkaiJN273 said this:
Its a nice set, but its kind of pointless. Like just play a synth! He's not even touching the record. How about doing some scratching as well as the speed modulation for the next vid. Why not give a C1 to Q?
Oh wait, he can scratch tunes with just drags.
Well, I can't.

On June 25, 2007, Solo said this:
I think the point of the vid is to show what this unit is capable of. Quite simply. That was just one aspect of the controls. I don't know why everybody is so negative about this, he does state that this is not by 'any means' the definite way for it to be played, just ONE day- a 3 day set. Just to show the melodic capability of the turntable, and it does.

On June 25, 2007, Thunder_Lips said this:
Fuck Vestax, Fuck Rucker, Fuck you.

On June 25, 2007, the internet said this:
hi weak sauce

On June 25, 2007, DaCaveDwella said this:
Thunder_Lips Gots No Skills...Your moms should wash your mouth out with soap...what turntable do you use? Sounds like you use a Sanyo turntable with plastic kid records...

Vestax Controller One Rules...!!


On June 26, 2007, o santo said this:
some thoughts

- rucker probably doesnt know the clout skratchworx has
- skratchworx has an european perspective
- vestax are the company responsable for the marketing of the c1
- they dont expect to make much revenue from it (niche within niche)
- rucker want people to see this thing as a truly original concept

Put all of this together, and its understandable that skratchworx kinda overstated the involvement of woody, but its straight up logical that rucker is mad.
He probably has a different agenda than vestax has. For a company, these experiments are promotion in itself ; they advertise the company, not the product.
For Rucker, this has been a few years of his life.
When a video like this pops up, where the c1 was used as a glorified keyboard, it must hurt.

I know I was kind of turned off by the video. I think I wouldve enjoyed waiting for a great clip more, than to sit here and say,
well at least we had a peep at it.

On June 26, 2007, spencer said this:
o santo is right

and they better not be puttin some PDX motor in the C1. for that kinda money there should be something real nice under that hood.

the build quality of a C1 should be nothing short of rock solid.

On June 26, 2007, dj cross+fade said this:
that was bad ass

On June 27, 2007, DJ Pulse said this:
Wow, there's a lot of everything goin' on up in these comments. Would everyone truly say what they have posted to the other person if they were face-to-face?

Why doesn't everyone just relax, we'll go get some brews and just enjoy some tunes? idea.gif

On June 27, 2007, Fuzz said this:
I had this dream last night that I met Ricci and he was actually a nice guy. I must be spending too much time on these forums.

On June 28, 2007, rucker said this:
The lesson learned here is, never deal with a corporation without your lawyer. Kindness is taken as weakness, lines aren't drawn, and things tend to get out of hand.

None of you know me, so stop trying to dramatize, I could squash you all like little bugs musically, as well as dj woody.

Here is something woody said on youtube

""Did i not explain in the first minute, this is my first experiment? 'Right hands' wtf! If you want to know some facts, fact is in that routine i only used 2 buttons Rucker designed, the rest were buttons i requested to be on there. The 'right hands' have also had this turntable for months but haven't produced shit. Did you ever see Rucker play an intricate melody on a turntable before, look at my past work, have some respect bro." - Woody

It's OBVIOUS he has a problem with the "right hands" meaning myself and dstyles.

This fool is cocky enough to believe that he's dope cause he did that routine in 3 days? LOL

I had my shit hooked up to my analog bangsystem the first day, and used it on one of my next records the first daqy I had it. And the video I bring the people, will be ridiculously informative, and definitive.

In this day and age of technology, nerds have to be on these boards trying to paint a picture of a "majority consensus" which is really an illusion. I MOVE UNITS. It's the same with major label interns who spend their days on myspace and youtube giving "views" to the artists on the rosters leaving positive feedback.

That video woody posted was weak, that's all there is to it.

Like I told Vestax, this was a PURPOSEFUL attempt to undermine us, and to claim his personal stake in this turntable.

Any SUCCESSFUL PROMOTION MUST BE organized worldwide and launched at once. All of these broken up incomplete videos here and there for personal gain just show the lack of foresight, and a disrespect for the instrument. This turntable is obviously too much for woody to handle, that video was ridiculous. People called him a grandmaster on his website?

Man, fuck this scene, seriously.

Heres how a battle would go between me and woody.

He goes first for 5 minutes
Then I go on for an hour and the girls is on the dancefloor

dont speak to me, this conversation is over

On June 28, 2007, awful_motion said this:

fair point sir ruckalot.....

Still any 'turntablist' product that is in production is fair game to anyone me thinks.

I would have thought the more poeple using it, the better the buzz?

Espically something so expesive and as everyone states it is a product for a 'niche within a niche'.
Its like validating a MERCEDES to a LOW INCOME family
(well sort of..)

I know i will never buy one. for the simple fact i cant afford it. What woody did was pretty cool, and is still better than nothing, and im sure your videos are gonna kill it mr ruck(i hope so anyway).

Theres definatly been a alot of criticism, but that goes hand in hand with a new product (remember the QFO?).

I know i dont really care or want to know about what problems you have had with vestax or woody..... i just wanna see you use it!!!

Its pretty pointless trying to validate yourself on forums designed for opinions/criticism/appraisal.

It should also be expected that as a developer/designer/creator no matter what your size of the overall 'pie', you SHOULD be taking all comments on board and using them constructively to help the development process instead of calling everyone nerds?
(f*ck it feels like 1994 again....)

On June 28, 2007, DaCaveDwella said this:
I agree with awf_motion...

Still Waiting on a Mr Rucca Vestax Controller One Video? Still Alot Of Talk & No Video? I Like To See Action Not Words. Especially In The Skratch/Hip Hop Music Community!! It's Like A Dj or Mc Can Either Battle Or Not. Your either wack or dope. Any Dj Can Get The Girls Movin For A Hour These Days...That Is Not A Special Dj Skill...I Can Have The Ladies Movin For 24 Hours plus If The Pay Is Right...How Many Can Win A Dj/MC/Producer Beat Battle?? Sounds Like Mr Rucca Should Be On A Club Forum Not Skratchworx...Think Before You Type With Anger...Maybe A Little Trip To Tabet Will Help? If It's Straight Business...Then Let Your Lawyer Talk For You Before You Lose More Fans...

Peace 2 Thelma & Louise 8)

On June 28, 2007, Gizmo said this:
This whole thing has got completely out of hand - not just here but especially on other forums as well. Feel free to follow the drama elsewhere.

This thread is now closed for comments

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