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QFO hits the UK
QFO hits the UK
Posted by Gizmo on December 14, 2003 :

The Thekla in Bristol is a club - and a boat. Thankfully it's safely moored or we may have had trouble. The stage is small but to gets a warts and all close up view of the QFO in action it's ideal. And thankfully, there's a balcony that yours truly was able to get a quality viewpoint to grab some more footage.

In all, I got around 80 minutes and due to the zoom lens, I've got some serious up close hands only movies - ideal to see the QFO to it's full advantage. The entire footage will be making it's way over to Thud HQ for Yoga and Q to do with as they wish. I'm hoping that once converted, I'll be able to do a clip from each part of Q's set, showing just how the QFO is used. And I think I'll post a single hi res video as I genuinely feel it's the only way to see and hear what's going on. The faderless scratch set is mind-blowing.

Big thanks to the funkified guys - the backstage pass made all the difference to the filming. And my view of the gig as well!

To the people I hooked up with - good to meet you and thanks for the support. I'm really sorry but I'm as deaf as a post and didn't hear all your names. This especially applies to the guy in the hat at the front of the stage!

To the guy who picked me up from the bottom of the stairs - thanks for that. Neither drunk or otherwise, I took a tumble down some steps at the end of the night and this good samaritan stayed with me until I got my wind back. Thankfully no bones broken - just cuts, bruises, sore ribs and a damaged ego.

So what did I pick up in my waaay too brief conversation with Yoga and Q - well at this time there are only 3 working QFO's in existence. The one on stage, the one back at Thud HQ and one in Vestax Japan. And the current QFO is likely to be totally different to the ones that get built. There has been a rumour that a sampler will be built in - this isn't the case at all. The QFO is turntablism at it's purest - the only thing that will happen at some point is that an SD media port will be built in to allow you to scratch over your beats without the need for an external device.

No more details yet but when the tour is over and I can get Yoga and Q via this interweb thingy, I'll grab as much info as I can.

To anyone else who has yet to see the tour in Europe - grab a ticket and you won't be sorry.

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2 comments to this story

On December 14, 2003, MrKD said this:
Footage ???

On December 15, 2003, Gizmo said this:
Sorry fella - newspage has had a minor nervous breakdown wacko.gif (hopefully now fixed). Read the story above for more details. 8)

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