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REVIEW: Behringer DDM4000 Mixer
REVIEW: Behringer DDM4000 Mixer
Posted by Gizmo on February 13, 2012 :

behringer, ddm4000, mixer, review

In an ideal world, we'd be all over every single new product release with a team of eager review geeks hankering to lay paws upon the stream of shiny glittery boxes that are released with an unending frequency. Sadly that time is not upon us just yet, so I'm still posting things that should have raised their head a long time ago. One such piece of work is a review for Behringer's DDM4000 mixer - a pretty unique product with a feature set that doesn't match up with the previous offerings of the brand.

Yes I'm more than aware that this review is laughably late, but it's been written with care and has been very well received by Behringer themselves. And seeing as it's still in their product range, it seems only fair to give it some love. And that love has been dished out by DJ Pegasus, who has clearly gone some way beyond the usual level of reviewing and got into a lot of the finer detail of the mixer.

For the record, I fitted the Infinium upgrade to the DDM4000 and was delighted with the improvement in feel and scratchability. For the sake of £40, it's an upgrade worth doing.

Anyway, here is the review. I hope you like it, and for anyone who owns one, your comments are very welcome. And that ideal world I alluded to at the top of the story? It's just around the corner - soooo close you can almost touch it. But not quite yet.

NOTE: No further comments are being accepted.
16 comments to this story

On February 13, 2012, DjOntko said this:
I have been rocking one of these for 4 years. No problems at all. While a friend of mine, who gave me hell about it, is now on his third mixer. All of the crossfaders are optical. When they came out with the replacement faders people thought they where the upgrades, They are not. They are the optical replacement crossfaders. I repeat, the Mixer comes with 5 Optical crossfaders in it.

On February 13, 2012, sinjintek said this:
i had this mixer a long time ago, i was quite impressed with it. sure, the effects are quite up to par with Korg or Pioneer, but they're pretty decent nonetheless.

i think my main gripe was the lack of Midi Clock recognition (only sends, does not receive) and lack of "USB Midi", but a UnoSport takes care of this (or my Audio8's Midi output) easily enough.

i sold mine, the new owner still has it ...i probably still use it more than he does. i did mention the infinium upgrade, but he's not interested in such things (too bad).

On February 13, 2012, sherz said this:
Bought one of these a few years ago, and never regretted it - the mic channel alone blows EVERY other dj mixer out of the water! I don't do the scratchy thing, so I have the crossfader in midi mode to control the video crossfader on virtual dj - very usual if I'm doing a karaoke night.

The only time this mixer let me down was an issue with the headphone socket. Went to plug my cans in one night and the socket fell into the depths of the mixer. On closer inspection, the socket was only glued to the underside of the faceplate. Simple fix though - took it apart, widened the mounting hole and bolted the socket to the faceplate properly.

Stonking little mixer, highly recommended! smile.gif

On February 13, 2012, Edgarz said this:
I can second Ontko.

I've had my mixer for 3 and a half years now, some of the pots are getting a little sloppy and loose now and some of the buttons occasionally stick, however, I do notice that there have been some tweaks made the mixer (green as opposed two bright burning blue LED's) so they could of sorted out durability though, bare in mind though my mixer has been through A LOT!

Regarding Behringers bad name for build quality though, I can safely say this is a solid mixer, probably the first product they made that isn't a complete bag of shit. It's been to clubs with me, been used by a couple of fairly big dubstep/drum and bass DJ's, been dropped on solid concrete from about 6ft and it's still alive and kicking.

If you want a good, cheap mixer, this should be at the top of your priority list (although I got mine for 230 at the time, I see they're 350 now!)

On February 13, 2012, jasonmd2020 said this:
Love this mixer. Been using it for years. Switched two channels and the on board sampler controls over to midi and control FX, and browsing/loading in Traktor with them. Only problem is the placement of the headphone jack. Other than that, solid.

On February 13, 2012, Boxcar said this:
Great review, Behringer seems to have stepped it up recently. Side note, did you ever announce the Skratchworx Santa winners?

On February 14, 2012, WhiteWulfe said this:
I was looking at one of those mixers a while back, so I'm quite thankful to see a review on the unit (since local stores seem to have this aversion to putting anything out for demoing!). Glad to hear they're a fairly hefty, and durable unit providing a number of the features I wouldn't mind seeing - and in a very appealing price point too!

On February 14, 2012, sherz said this:
I really hope Behringer keep up with this trend of designing new, unique bits of kit like this, rather than budget copycat versions of other manufacturer's mixers as we've seen in the past. This is by far the best DJ mixer they've ever made, can't wait to see what else they've got up their sleeve in the future...

On February 14, 2012, KLH said this:
Great review! This is probably the best mixer value out there...

I simply had to say that the pictures are better than the review (as good as it is). The use of your camera's aperture is bordering on genius. Those pics are pure pro-level awesomeness.


On February 14, 2012, DJ Jdub said this:
I had this mixer and got it soon after it was available in Canada. I used it for a few months and was blown away by all the buttons and effects etc, but it had several fatal flaws.

1. it sounded absolutely HORRIBLE after 6 weeks of use, I brought back to the shop. it had a very digitized processed grainy sound, but fortunately i got another one from warranty. I did have to pay for the shipping though GRRRR

2. why are there so many buttons?

3. the faders are far too loose

4. and last but not least, the effects are in the middle of the mixer making it feel cluttered

ultimately i took the money i got from selling it and bought a pioneer dim like everyone else should.... or rane for that matter!!!

On February 14, 2012, dj Jdub said this:
NOTE: the grainy sound developed over time, it sounded perfect out of the box.... I wanted a mixer that would last 4 years this thing didn't last 4 weeks, and it was in a flight case AND only was used at 4 gigs

On February 15, 2012, Sonny said this:
I was hesitant when i first heard of this mixer because of beringers reputation for reliability. Well after seeing the price plummet and the positive reviews start popping up I ponied up and purchased the DDM 4000.
I can only say I am looking at Beringer in a very new light. This mixer was released years ago and still stands alone as an affordable professional feature filled mixer any
modern Dj would love.
I have used Rane gear for 20 years now and wanted to try the whole internal midi mixing thing but didnt want to pay 1000 plus dollars for a midi/Analog mixer.
I upgraded the crossfader with an infinium a couple of weeks ago and must say The crossfader is awesome! In total I payed less than 400 dollars for this mixer and could not be Happier! Beringer is poised to be a big player in the Dj scene for cutting edge products and have earned a loyal customer.

On February 15, 2012, phil said this:
Keep in mind as of the 1st February 2012 all Behringer products come with a 3 Year warranty so it makes this mixer even better value and gives you extra peace of mind!!

On February 15, 2012, DJ Menace said this:
I recently bought this and after 2 weeks of tinkering, I had to return it which is a little heartbreaking because its feature packed and its the best bang for the buck--I only paid $344 for this at

Some of the things I loved were the amount of midi-mappable buttons, built-in effects, ability to save multiple midi profiles, and full eq kills with a touch of a button.

The deal breaker for me was its inability to do both MIDI and audio at the same time within the same channel and the fact that PFL becomes useless when the crossfader is in MIDI mode (unless you use a 2nd sound card). I bought this primarily for use with Serato Video-SL but it just fell short. Other than this though, the mixer was great. I've decided to buy the Denon DN-x600 instead.

On February 17, 2012, Mike Silence said this:
Some things to add...

- The DDM4000 has "normal" faders, only the crossfader can be replaced by the X-1 optical fader from Behringer
- The crossfader can also work frequency-selective, which means if you activate the X-OVER mode and you activate all CFA buttons and only the upper 2 on the CFB side and you crossfade from A to B you will hear the mids and heights of side B but the Bass of side A
- the EQ is also programmable, per default the buttons work in single mode as killswitches and in multi mode they cut all other bands except for the one whose button is pressed. BUT, if you do a setting in single mode for one knob (e.g. HI on 3 o'clock position, press and hold the MODE button and press the according button next to the HI EQ this position will be stored. Same goes for the multi mode but you have 3 presets for storing a set of EQ settings: adjust the 3 buttons as you like, press and hold the MODE button and press one of the EQ buttons and this setting will be stored. blink1.gif

On February 29, 2012, Henry GQ said this:
this is the biggest piece of garbage i ever owned! and behringer treats their customers like shit! i was out one month after my warranty ended and they REFUSED to do anything for me.. the whole mixer shut down! and lights would just blink for no reason. nothing. no music. EPIC FAIL. i will never ever buy behringer again!

dj henry gq
erie dj

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