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Monthly Archive

Below is a complete archive of all the news stories we've ever posted, broken down by month. Apologies for any missing pictures - the recent host change has seen a few images go walkabout. As I come across them, I'll find them and reinsert them. But I'm sure you'd rather I worked on the all new site than recover 7 year old images.

Web exclusive: More DB4
Posted by Gizmo on September 28, 2010
allen heath xone:db4 teaser bpm show 2010

Love 'em or hate 'em but teasers get people giddier than a school kid full of Redbull. And having seen the previous teaser ad get people speculating (some close, some very wrong, and others just funny), I've laid my hands on another image for you to pull apart. Get your CSI Photoshop heads on and try and extrapolate this into a full 3D image… or just wait for Saturday because you'll probably get it wrong anyway.
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S-120 Battle: 1 More DJ Please!
Posted by Gizmo on September 28, 2010

In just a few days, the Serato Ortofon S-120 battle will kick off at the BPM Show (did I mention that before?). There's booty aplenty up for grabs, and in return we'll need just 2 of your finest battle minutes using vinyl, customs or Scratch Live. Saturday is full, but Sunday is in need of just 1 more DJ to fill the 5th spot. I'll even put together a little goodie bag of my own for the person brave enough to step up to fill the slot.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 0 comments

Etronik on the VMS4
Posted by Gizmo on September 28, 2010

The lines of demarkation between DJ genres are always moving. There has for a long time been a massive fracturing of technology and only certain types of DJs used certain technology and woe betide any who dared to dip their toe in the other pool. But now DJs are not only dipping, but are actually swimming in their neighbours technology pool. And this is very evident with turntablists and controllers. We've seen DJ Shiftee, Rafik and Craze do their thing with Traktor hardware, as well as the very recently posted Rasp promo for Numark's V7s. And here we have the current US DMC champion Etronik giving the American Audio VMS4 a bit of a workout.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 11 comments

Denon's Hybrid Mode in all too brief action
Posted by Gizmo on September 27, 2010

This week see a slew of BPM warmup posts - you know, the kind of stuff you're going to see if you can be arsed to drag yourselves out of bed at the weekend to the NEC at Birmingham to play with the latest nextlevelness. Denon will have their spangly new hybrid Scratch Live mode on display, and have sent a bizarre vid through to tease what it can do.
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Beat Hooks at BPM - courtesy of skratchworx
Posted by Gizmo on September 26, 2010
skratchworx beat hook

Skratchworx merchandise has been thin on the ground - rarer than hens teeth and rocking horse shit combined. People make all the right noises but when it came down to putting money where mouths are, they scurry off into the shadows. There were 3 or 4 t-shirts made years ago, then some slipmats (literally a handful of pairs) and then some more t-shirts a couple of years ago for NAMM (never saw one myself). But now, I've gone all out and had 50 Beat Hooks made - just in time for BPM next weekend.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 6 comments

(2 x V7) + X5 = Rasp
Posted by Gizmo on September 25, 2010

Just in case I hadn't mentioned it before, The BPM Show 2010 starts next weekend. There's a veritable shedload of stuff to see and do, but Numark would really love it if you popped along to a seminar - a turntablism masterclass from last year's UK DMC Supremacy champion DJ Rasp.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 7 comments

DMC do DVS? Not so fast...
Posted by Gizmo on September 23, 2010

From time to time, rumours surface in the industry that you hope and pray are true, but sadly prove to be total hogwash. And this week one such story actually made it to the printed page for all to see. It was claimed that DMC were finally going to get with the times and allow DVS systems like Scratch Live to be used throughout the whole competition. Finding this to be quite improbable at this time, I contacted DMC to see if this was true, and it turns out to be totally false. Statement follows.
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OPEN: The Bridge - toll free too.
Posted by Gizmo on September 22, 2010
serato scratch Live ableton live 8.2 The Bridge

Some interesting Bridge related facts:

• Tower Bridge in London took 8 years to build.
• The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisico took 4 years to build.
• The Serato/Ableton Bridge has taken 2 years to build.

But at last, the divide between the disparate worlds of DJing and production has at last been built, tested and released. After much hype, bravado and near are-we-there-yet boredom, The Bridge is open - and toll free too.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 14 comments

S-120 Battle - just 5 places left
Posted by Gizmo on September 20, 2010

Last week, Henley put out a call for 10 skilled turntablists to give each other a vinyl beating on their stand at BPM, using Ortofon's new S-120 carts as the main weapon. Some have had the nuts to step up and have a go, while others are… well I can only assume chickenshit nonuts. Let's see if a list of prizes can entice you to throw your name into the hat.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 5 comments

A&H to release dogs bollocks apparently
Posted by Gizmo on September 16, 2010

As you might expect, I do occasionally get to see things that you don't, and won't for some time. You'll recall me teasing about something I saw on the Allen & Heath Stand at PLASA last year, that turned out to be the xone:DX. Experiencing deja vu at Musikmesse this year, I was guided to a quiet corner of the A&H stand, and from underneath a strategically placed t-shirt saw something that moved me from silence to Cheshire cat type grin. And the new banner on the right hand side merely teases what I saw - and what you'll have to wait 2 weeks and counting to see at the BPM show. And that dear readers is the xone:DB4.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 49 comments

The Ortofon Serato S-120 Battle
Posted by Gizmo on September 12, 2010
ortofon serato s-120 battle bpm show 2010

Unless you've been in a coma or shunned the civilised world by living in a cave, you'll understand that the BPM Show is the hottest DJ focussed show in Europe. You get a chance to try what is hot, and what is not over 3 days of gearlust madness. But do you want a chance to really test out the gear and your skills? Well Henley (UK Ortofon distributors) are giving you a chance to do just that live and direct in the Ortofon Serato S-120 Battle.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 10 comments

NEW: Pioneer HDJ-500 headphones
Posted by Gizmo on September 8, 2010
pioneer headphones hdj-500

In a world that is changing so rapidly and seemingly ignoring design rule books, it's hard to predict exactly what might come next. But my crystal ball appears to be working just fine right now (see previous BPM story), as Pioneer have just released info on some new headphones coming our way soon. And in a break from the norm, the new HDJ-500s will come in 3 colours.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 10 comments

Plasa schmasa - it's all about BPM
Posted by Gizmo on September 6, 2010
bpm show 2010 birmingham NEC

Even though I mistakenly thought that PLASA started this weekend, I'm reliably informed that it's actually next weekend. Frankly, that boat sailed a couple of years ago for me. My attention is very firmly fixed upon BPM 2010 which runs 2-4 October at the NEC in Birmingham. This post marks the start of 4 weeks of active pimping of the show on my part, if only because I love having a top notch show that doesn't require negotiating airport security.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 20 comments

Live on the big screen!
Posted by Gizmo on September 6, 2010

While touch screens seem to have been strictly for the realm of DVS type DJs, Ableton Live seems to have ben left out - perhaps because Live is more of a button basher's domain. Until now that is. Techno DJ/producer Cristior set about creating his very own Live oriented transparent touch screen system, and considering it's pretty homebrew, seems to have done a decent job of it.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 9 comments

We are 7!
Posted by Gizmo on September 3, 2010

When people ask me how old I am, I'm of an age that requires serious grey matter overload, accompanied by a look to the sky and an unsure response delivered with an annoying upwards inflection. But this is not so with skratchworx - I'm pleased to announce that skratchworx has reached the grand age of 7. Older than me in dog years, but only just.
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Beathook - like a meat hook, but less blood
Posted by Gizmo on September 1, 2010
beathook headphone hook carrier holder

The mixer, the floor or on top of of a moving platter. These are places that my headphones usually end up - none which are ideal, but what are you supposed to do in the heat of the mix? This is exactly what Charles MacEachern pondered for some time, and thus set about finding a solution. And that solution is the Beathook - a stupidly simple idea that should safeguard your headphones.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 36 comments

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