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Monthly Archive

Below is a complete archive of all the news stories we've ever posted, broken down by month. Apologies for any missing pictures - the recent host change has seen a few images go walkabout. As I come across them, I'll find them and reinsert them. But I'm sure you'd rather I worked on the all new site than recover 7 year old images.

London Calling 2006
Posted by Gizmo on June 28, 2006

For those of you in the London vicinity (Earls Court specifically), Thursday and Friday sees the 2nd London Calling DJ show. And as part of this show, Eclectic Breaks have taken over a huge stand and working in conjunction with sw_smilie.png, has attracted some quality hardware demos. On display will be the new Audio Innovate AEM100i, Gemini's CDT-05, the Rodec Scratchbox and some Cortex USB equipment plus a whole lot more.
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AEM-100i quickie
Posted by Gizmo on June 28, 2006
Scratch DJs aren't renowned for being risk takers. They tend to feel safe with what they know and the formula for a 2 channel battle mixer is as good as cast in stone. So who the hell told Audio Innovate to bring out a first mixer with fancy fader cut buttons and analogue effects? Are they mad? Well the reviews are in and the AEM-100 is actually a very good - if a little left field - scratch mixer. But like any good manufacturer, AI have listened and responded to market demand with a tweak to the original and brought out a sibling - the AEM-100i.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 38 comments

Has it been 20 years?
Posted by Gizmo on June 26, 2006

20 years ago, RUN DMC's "Raising Hell" LP sold enough copies to go platinum - the first Rap album to do so (I think so anyway). So the might British Broadcasting company - the BBC to you - have decided it would be a jolly good idea to commemorate this with a whole day of RUN DMC related stuff on July 6th. And skratchworx, along with the very good people at Numark and Slikmats have organised a full starter DJ setup to be given away on the day.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 11 comments

Out and about with a Pikl
Posted by Gizmo on June 24, 2006
Nothing creates a buzz in the local scratch community quite like DJ QBert playing a gig at a local club. All shapes, sizes and tribes of young and old people make the pilgrimage to see the the former Pikl do his thing behind the wheels of steel. And even though we've all seen his performances over the years on video, DVD and the interweb, nothing beats seeing him up close and personal. So I decided to scrawl a few words, point and squirt my cameras and give you a little insight into an evening with DJ QBert.
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Denon DN-X1500S released
Posted by Gizmo on June 23, 2006
It's fair to say that when we first heard about the original Denon DN-X1500, we were hoping for something very special and on paper it was. And then we touched it. For whatever reason, the fader sucked hard - seemingly a Denon curse - and we reviewed it accordingly. But now things are different and to match Denon's new silver colour scheme, the DN-X1500 is reborn - with an S suffix, a shiny faceplate and more importantly and brand new Flex fader.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 32 comments

Gemini become GCI
Posted by Gizmo on June 21, 2006
Times they are a changin' at Gemini. Once a big global DJ company, now it's a brand and the former company will be changing it's name to GCI Technologies. Essentially it's just a name change for the company but allows for them to develop new and existing brands under one umbrella. Check it out for yourselves - GCI website.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 63 comments

REVIEW: D-Styles Tablecloths
Posted by Gizmo on June 19, 2006
Slipmats are a strange beast in the scratch scene - everyone has an opinion but unlike the choice of decks, nobody ever falls out over it. So you can use whatever you want and not get pushed around by gangs of big tablists in the DJ playground. It's even cool to do full homebrew mats and not line the pockets of the big boys but keep Vileda employees happy. So when D-Styles decided to bring out a mat of his own, he must have known he'd be on safe ground. And he is, as my review shows.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 19 comments

REVIEW: Urei 1601E
Posted by Gizmo on June 17, 2006
Urei just don't seem to be able to help themselves. After a small bout of denial - "we are definitely NOT releasing an effects mixer - I don't care what DJ Deals say", followed by a more upfront "ummmm... it seems we are - you know how it is Gizmo", Urei finally released yet another variant of their 1601 mixer. We've had the über luverly sampler model and now it's the turn for effects in the shape of the 1601E.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 13 comments

Posted by Gizmo on June 11, 2006
When Numark brought out the CDX back in the olden days, people wondered why they just didn't pop an HD in there instead. Well they have now and logically called it the HDX - and made a damned fine of job of it as well. But there is a problem, one that caused me to rethink the way in which sw_smilie.png rates products. When using it, I smile from ear to ear, but when I think about how much it would cost me to buy one (let alone a pair), I wince in pain, and the review I've written reflects this.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 81 comments

Where in the world?
Posted by Gizmo on June 8, 2006

DMC World - that's where where I grabbed this screenshot confirming that the Parisian scratch massive will be missing out on the much hoped for first venture off these shores and into... well anywhere but the UK. There is an upside though - it's the same weekend as PLASA so I'll be in London anyway. ^_^
CLICK HERE for the full story and 34 comments

Funkin' in Jamaica - Queens that is
Posted by Gizmo on June 7, 2006
Have you wanted to see some of the finest party rockers do their thing on their home turf? I know I have and if you're lucky enough to live in New York, from Thursday you get 4 whole chances to see just that, courtesy of the Turntablist Sessions. Legends such as Kool DJ Red Alert, Grandmaster Roc Raida, Steve Dee, Jazzy Jay... wait stop. I can't go on. I'm so filled with jealousy... :cry:
CLICK HERE for the full story and 16 comments

Hear ye hear ye - official statement
Posted by Gizmo on June 2, 2006
Listen up skratchworx nation - there's a whole lotta smack being bandied around about faders and stuff and Ebsel Pro Audio have had just about enough see. So unless you want DJ Way2tall aka Big Mike round your gaff inserting lawsuits into your cavities, read the following statement from the very nice Japanese gentlemen pictured here.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 21 comments

DJ Battle TV innit tho
Posted by Gizmo on June 2, 2006
DJ Battle TV doesn't normally need any plugging. Any sane tablist watches every episode without prompting. But seeing as the latest edition is coming from London Village rather than deepest Sweden, I figure it's only good manners to plug my countrymen. In this edition, you'll find scratch siblings Matman and Daredevil saying a few words and a wicked intro scratch from the man like Tigerstyle.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 6 comments

Cuts of Culture 2 - the Competition
Posted by Gizmo on June 1, 2006
Eclectic Breaks and Turntable Radio brought the "Cuts of Culture" compilation to the masses last year. Featuring a veritable who's who of turntablism, the CD was a rip roaring success - and now the sequel is on the horizon. And the good people at EB and TTR are giving you the chance to make some music for use on the DVD. And yes that's all of you - not UK, US or the Outer Hebrides only so stop busting my chops OK! mad.gif
CLICK HERE for the full story and 9 comments

Win a Mackie d2!
Posted by Gizmo on June 1, 2006

I can't always come up with the goods competition-wise so in the spirit of giving you guys a chance to grab a piece of the action, Scratch Magazine are giving away a Mackie d2 via their website. And that includes the Firewire card as well. But you have to be a US citizen which allows me to clear up a popular misconception about sw_smilie.png ...
CLICK HERE for the full story and 14 comments

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