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Monthly Archive

Below is a complete archive of all the news stories we've ever posted, broken down by month. Apologies for any missing pictures - the recent host change has seen a few images go walkabout. As I come across them, I'll find them and reinsert them. But I'm sure you'd rather I worked on the all new site than recover 7 year old images.

Pedestrian need you!
Posted by Gizmo on May 30, 2005

My friends over at Pedestrian need your help. for those of you who don't know, Pedestrian is a non-profit organisation devoted to furthering the turntablism word. This involves running workshops across the UK tutoring anyone who wants to get the necessary skills to set them off on their journeys in scratch. And this is where you come in. If you think you have the necessary skills needed to teach, read on...

CLICK HERE for the full story and 22 comments

COMPETITION: All sorts of booty!
Posted by Gizmo on May 30, 2005
So I've had a couple of beers and have a few days holiday - ergo and concurrently I'm feeling happy and generous.

In the aftermath of MusikMesse, I managed to lay my hands on some goodies. Not just any old goodies you understand - some of these are exclusives that you will not get anywhere else - EVER.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 38 comments

Nip tuck for Stanton site
Posted by Gizmo on May 28, 2005
Not content with facelifting their entire range, Stanton have wielded the web knife on their site as well. Go take a look at the new style at Stanton's site. That is all.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 13 comments

Pimp my Rane!
Posted by Gizmo on May 26, 2005
The Rane 56 is universally accepted at the Don of the scratch mixer scene. But let's be honest - it looks as dull as a dull day in dullsville. Step up Spensoar and his customer 56 plates. Exchange the metal faceplate for one of his clear plates, insert your own graphics and you've pimped your 56 big style.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 35 comments

Ortofon's Thud Rumble carts are coming...
Posted by Gizmo on May 26, 2005
We've been talking about them for a while now and even showed you a few fuzzy photos from NAMM - but now Ortofon have posted an ad for the new QBert/Thud Rumble carts.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 56 comments

It's here!
Posted by Gizmo on May 25, 2005
OK people - here it is. After many months of messing around, dithering and generally changing my mind several times over, skratchworx V2 has finally landed.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 61 comments

Counting down...
Posted by Gizmo on May 23, 2005
Heads up people - skratchworx v2 is close to launch. In the next day or so, the whole thing will change over to the new style. There may be disruption, loss of service and things generally not working as well as you might hope. My gut feeling is that everything will run smoothly apart from some updating to the comments page.

I damn well hope so anyway! ^_^
CLICK HERE for the full story and 18 comments

Serato Scratch 1.4 - DO NOT INSTALL!
Posted by Gizmo on May 19, 2005
A bit of an odd one this. I was about to report that Serato had updated Scratch Live to version 1.4 but then I got an email telling me not to install it under any circumstances... weird.gif
CLICK HERE for the full story and 43 comments

QFO case from RoadReady Cases
Posted by Gizmo on May 18, 2005
There's only 1 QFO but now there's 2 cases for it. RoadReady Cases have releases the RRQFO case is available in the US and will be available soon in the UK.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 21 comments

Dialogue and Random Phase 1
Posted by Gizmo on May 14, 2005
More wax, again from France entitled "Dialogue and Random Phase 1" from scratch crew The Groove of Satyre. But this time, we've got a whole different type of tool to play with. It's free from aaaah's and freshes plus not a beat loop in sight. Instead we have a whole collection of soundscapes for the more musically inclined turntablists out there.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 25 comments

Doll's Breaks - creepiest cover ever!
Posted by Gizmo on May 14, 2005
If you wanted more proof that Europe seems to be leading the way as far as turntablism goes, a couple more breaks records have come my way. The first of these comes from Le Jad and Or D'Oeuvre out of France and is entitled "Doll's Breaks". And in my book, this vinyl has the creepiest cover ever. Normally I'd just stand the covers up behind the decks, but this one I have to turn around as it puts me off!
CLICK HERE for the full story and 9 comments

ITF UK gets busy
Posted by Gizmo on May 9, 2005
Aside from spending endless hours routing through stands at MusikMesse, I was also fortunate enough to spend a little time with the guys from ITF Europe. For those of you who've lived in a cave, the ITF is the International Turntablist Federation - brainchild of the Invisible Skratch Piklz and the X-Men - and this year they're getting their act together and organising UK events.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 18 comments

Posted by Gizmo on May 9, 2005
Sorry to keep you all waiting but the winners have been picked, informed and quite importantly responded to the email. The lucky people are DJP and Kathryn Cullen (yes a girl) from the UK and Tek from Russia. Don't worry - there's one more chance to win a copy next week, along with a couple of extra items as well... :blink:
CLICK HERE for the full story and 13 comments

REVIEW: Denon DNX-100 and 300 Mixers
Posted by Gizmo on May 6, 2005
Like London buses, you don't see one for ages and then 3 come round the corner. Such is the way of reviews this week. This time I bring you long overdue reviews of the scratch mixer offerings from Denon - the DN-X100 and DN-X300.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 86 comments

Posted by Gizmo on May 5, 2005
I really can't remember how long ago it was that we first broke the QFO news, exclusive footage and subsequent love/hate rants but finally - after a couple of revisions and world tours, we finally have a review of the much loved/hated new breed of turntable/mixer/mixtable... whatever. Either way, guest reviewer DJ Antwan obviously fell into the lovers camp and shelled out 9 large to get one of his very own.

CLICK HERE for the full story and 96 comments

DISCUSSION: Where the ladies at?
Posted by Gizmo on May 3, 2005

Something has been praying on my mind - underlined by the total lack of the fairer sex at MusikMesse other than dressed in almost nothing handing out leaflets. It seems to me that turntablism is somewhat lacking in (for want of a better non-trivialising tag) female DJ's.

Since pretty much day 1 of the whole hip hop phenomenon, Jazzy Joyce has been a name associated with such legends as Afrika Bambaataa and Red Alert and still actively spins today. Today we have established names like Shortee, Kuttin Kandi, Killa Jewl and newer names like Thud Rumble protege DJ Jumi. And I was more than happy to hear that Etch-A-Sketch was placed third at my local DMC event last week. But why the minimal numbers?
CLICK HERE for the full story and 63 comments

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