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Monthly Archive

Below is a complete archive of all the news stories we've ever posted, broken down by month. Apologies for any missing pictures - the recent host change has seen a few images go walkabout. As I come across them, I'll find them and reinsert them. But I'm sure you'd rather I worked on the all new site than recover 7 year old images.

FL Studio - more than just fruity loops
Posted by Gizmo on March 31, 2008
FLstudio FL Studio fruity loops image-line

Increasingly, DJs are becoming more than just people who spin tracks to hordes of semi-naked loved up revellers. Indeed, many a classic track has been knocked up by DJs who have stepped outside of the confines of the 1s and 2s to make - rather than just mix - music. For many of these adventurous creative types, a tool of choice has been Fruity Loops - now called FL Studio - which has now reached version 8.

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And the BPM goes on
Posted by Gizmo on March 31, 2008
BPM DJ show UK

Going to trade shows is a real pain in the arse. The strain they put on my financial, logistical and physical resources makes me groan every time I have to plan the trips. So if I go to one, it'd better be bloody well worth it or I'm returning home one grumpy DJ hack. So having all but decided that PLASA 2007 would be my last, I'm especially chuffed that The BPM Show is happening one month earlier than last year and will be bigger than before - and just a car ride away from skratchworx HQ.
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Ultramixer2 - C'mon Giz... keep up
Posted by Gizmo on March 30, 2008
Ultramixer2 midi control software traktor

From a DJ point of view, this year's Messe was split between 2 floors with a broad hardware/software split. Most of my attention was diverted to the hardware side of things with just a few journeys to the software floor. Quite literally in passing while rushing to the airport, I spied a small stand against a wall with what looked like a Traktorish system running. That system is called Ultramixer2 - I've never heard of it but it certainly is worth of attention, especially as it works on Mac, PC and Linux and supports a lot of controllers as well.
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Gigskinz do black sacks at last
Posted by Gizmo on March 29, 2008
gigskinz bags black messe 2008

Being a shameless bag whore, I tend to get more excited about new luggage than any amount of nextlevelness - most probably because I can actually afford to buy this stuff and still get something vital to my existence in this DJ world, namely keeping the tools of my trade snug as I don my roving reporter cap. But with DJing becoming much more of a bag based rather than coffin based business, finding the right luggage is becoming a key factor. I've always liked Gigskinz but the shiny grey and blackness was somewhat of an acquired taste. So listening to feedback and realising that they'd shift more product if they undertook an image change, Gigskinz now come in Black, but with a suitable Gigskinz twist.
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Hercules RMX - shiny MIDI metal fest
Posted by Gizmo on March 28, 2008
Hercules RMX midi controller

Hercules have been in the controller game probably longer than anyone else so should know a thing or two about making them. So when I read about their new RMX console, I had high hopes. The RMX clearly is pisses all over the rest of their range but first impressions, for me anyway, are that you need sunglasses to use it.
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Reloop Jockey for control
Posted by Gizmo on March 28, 2008
Reloop Digital Jockey midi controller

Time to spend a few moments mopping up some lingering stories from Messe so I can get the glut of reviews out. We've already had a scan over Reloop's Spin! DVS systems but the other story was a hands on their VCIalike Digital Jockey MIDI controller.
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Korgworx ahoy!
Posted by Gizmo on March 28, 2008

Welcome to Korgworx - or at least that's what it feels like in the lab right now. Deft has worked his magic on the Zero8 review and I'm drawing the Zero4 and KM202/402 reviews to a close as well. So outside of the KAOSSILATOR, we'll have the Korg DJ range covered. In the meantime, check out Tatsuki and DJ Go from the UK's Mixologists working some Korg magic at Musikmesse 2008.
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SC System survives Messe - just
Posted by Gizmo on March 26, 2008
stanton scs sc system scs.1m scs.1d

After a few years in limbo, Stanton have picked themselves up by the scruff of the neck, dusted themselves off and are getting on with business again. At the same time, they pulled away another layer or two of cobwebs from some designs that at the time of scribbling were just too ahead of the game for people to understand (think back 4 years and you'll know what I mean). But now those designs are slowly becoming a reality. The Stanton SC System was available for heavy handed trade show hordes to slowly destroy right before the very eyes of nervous Stantoners hoping that these fairly fragile prototypes would be OK for the WMC this week.
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Rate or not to rate - that is the question
Posted by Gizmo on March 25, 2008
skratchworx DJ gear reviews ratings

From the outside looking in, writing reviews must be a blast. Get boxes full of nextlevelness delivered to the bulging at the seams skratchlab - spending days/weeks/months tampering with this factory fresh newness at screwdriver level - writing some sarcasm and snapping pretty pics - all sounds just too easy right? But it's not - trust me on that. It's fair to say that DJ gear is on the whole good, if not bloody great so differentiating one box from another via an arbitrary scoring system is getting tougher with each new release. So instead of giving ratings to products, we're considering losing the largely objective and possible meaningless ratings totally and keeping our personal feelings (for that is all they are at the end of the day) at the forefront instead.
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Old media meets new media - Cue Mag
Posted by Gizmo on March 20, 2008
Nmark Cue online Flash magazine

A few years ago, we were sat in a bar at MusikMesse with a well known skateboarding industry type who was sharing his vision for the future of skratchworx with us. "What you wanna do" said the Englishman in New York "is make skratchworx into a real online mag, with turning pages and evryfing". Of course, this sounded like a great idea, but with zero resource to do such a thing, the idea was put on the "if only" pile. But then ourhousemag did exactly that and now they're doing it for Numark as well in the very well written online Cue Mag.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 4 comments

T'was just a matter of time
Posted by Gizmo on March 19, 2008
MixMeister Scratch iPhone ipod touch

After accosting me on the Numark stand trying to find a way into the NS7 case undetected, head techy bod Chris Roman and I nodded heads and exchanged trade show pleasantries as men do. Then he said "have you seen this?" and ominously and quite disturbingly reaching into his pocket, he pulled out an iPod Touch running onscreen scratching courtesy of MixMeister Scratch.
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I'm rubbish - scant EVO4 coverage
Posted by Gizmo on March 19, 2008
Ecler EVO4

Something I really didn't spend enough time with was the Ecler EVO4. It was one of those stands that I kept walking past, looking for the Ecler people I knew but never saw. And being up on a big podium, I really didn't feel like drawing attention to myself while people expected some kind of show. So grabbing a few moments before leaving, I took a couple of snaps and got some more insight. Although not much - I'm leaving that for the review.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 9 comments

The future is Black and Red
Posted by Gizmo on March 19, 2008
Audio Innovate Innofader crossfader

Nothing gets DJs juices flowing like a good old crossfader, and this was most certainly the case when Audio Innovate announced their highly adjustable non-contact Innofader just before NAMM. The US skratchworx posse captured a video of Elliot Marx chatting about his new creation, so not wanting to feel left out, I did the same - in the 5 minutes when my video camera actually worked without having to hit it very hard.

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INTERVIEW: Serato and Numark talk NS7 and ITCH
Posted by Gizmo on March 18, 2008
numark NS7 controller Serato ITCH

The last time I did an interview, it was with Same Gribben, the big guy from New Zealand responsible for bringing you Serato Scratch Live. And by strange coincidence, this time I've interviewed exactly the same guy, as well as Aureliano Pisa from Numark who together have worked hard, often till after 5pm and through some lunchbreaks to bring you some of the newest nextlevelness aka Numark's NS7 controller and Serato's ITCH. I threw some questions at them, and eversonicely, they responded.
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Hmmm... minty fresh DVS
Posted by Gizmo on March 17, 2008
Reloop spin DVS system

Slowly but surely, and mainly due to market forces all manufacturers are adding software to their product menu. But it's not just a matter of throwing some code together and within a few weeks having a beta DVS up and running. So it comes as no surprise to hear that Reloop have gone and got some guys to make one for them. Spin! adopts Reloop's clean white interface and with a splash of minty green freshness aims to extract a small amount of currency from your wallets in return for a fully fledged DVS system.
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Ortofon's Theory of Evolution
Posted by Gizmo on March 17, 2008
Ortofon Evolution headshell

Within reason, headshells are headshells are headshells and you're not likely to notice any difference in performance between each one with the same cart installed. But a little more choice in design would be nice - enter Ortofon's new Evolution headshell.
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Denon and Serato sitting in a tree...
Posted by Gizmo on March 17, 2008
denon dn-hc4500 serato scratch live

The first rule about Scratch live Beta is that you don't talk about Scratch Live Beta, unless of course 2 different Serato teamsters drag you along to the Denon stand to show you the not yet available to the masses v1.8.1 snuggling up to Denon's DN-HC4500 unit.
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How did a Mac DJ app get to v2 without me knowing?
Posted by Gizmo on March 16, 2008
djay mac os x dj software

My love and devotion to all things Mac is well known. But despite what Nik39 people might think, I'm not however a raging fanboy, but simply choose the Mac as my computing platform of choice. But when I see software like djay, it's quite clear that this choice is vindicated. While other vendors spew out Traktor clones, Algoriddim embrace the richness that the OS X system has to offer and give you a whole new experience.
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All scratch and no play
Posted by Gizmo on March 16, 2008
Vestax VCI-300 Serato ITCH MIDI controller ITCH

Its fair to say that the Vestax VCI-100 grabbed the DJ scene by the nuts, swung it round by them for a while and then waited to see what the outcome was. The result is that every Tom, Dick and Harry manufacturer is pushing out a VCIalike by the skipfull - and largely failing to make any kind of dent in grip that the VCI seems to have on the market. So when Vestax first announced the VCI-300, the DJ scene largely assumed that it was Serato ITCH specific and not for other MIDI software wielders. But now having discovered that the VCI-300 will actually play nice with vanilla MIDI apps, the VCI-300 now has a feeling of being the controller that the VCI-100 really should have been. I guess though that you have to start somewhere and the VCI-100 is a hell of a start.
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Lucky number 7? Not any time soon
Posted by Gizmo on March 15, 2008
Numark NS7 ITCH

One of the big stories of NAMM was ITCH and its various hardware front ends. The Numark NS7 was the obvious gotta have me one of those products, looking somewhat cool and evil at the same time. Oh how I hoped to gently caress the spinny platters. Oh how I wanted to hammer the living crap out of the fader in the name of investigative DJ hackery. Oh how I was disappointed to see it still encased in the same nowayyouaintouchingme Perspex coffin. Still, it was nice to see it in the Black and Red flesh.
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Mixvibes get Cross
Posted by Gizmo on March 14, 2008
Mixvibes Cross DJ software

Going to Messe is quite nostalgic as far as Mixvibes goes. I remember watching 3 guys nervously attempt to keep the most fragile beta software run for more than a few moments and keep the latency within the realms of seconds. Oh how times have changed. Mixvibes has matured into a software package used by some of the world's most demanding DJs (usually French but still a few DMC champs in there) and is now approaching v7, hopefully with a Mac version as well. but now the team have something new - well when I say new, it's new to them. Well when I say new to them, it's like Mixvibes, but to me it's a lot better. It's called Cross.
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Another show...
Posted by Gizmo on March 13, 2008
Numark MixMeister MIDI controller

...and yet another bloody MIDI controller. This time, Numark have made one specifically for their MixMeister music creation software. But being MIDI, you could do whatever you wanted with it really.

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2 x OTUS, or is that OTI?
Posted by Gizmo on March 13, 2008
EKS OTUS MIDI controller

Finnish purveyors of MIDI controlling goodness EKS finally showed off a somewhat battered and shaky prototype of their new spaceshiplike MIDI controller OTUS. But wait... what's this? Another OTUS coming along already?
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The D2 is dead, long live the DDS
Posted by Gizmo on March 13, 2008
Numark DDS80 hard disk controller

You'd have to be in a coma to not see this coming. While the D2 Director paved the way for pure digital audio plug and play, it soon looked a little old and dated against offerings such as their own iDJ2. So it comes as no surprise to see that the D2 gets a colour screen, a media unit and a name change - welcome the Numark DDS80.

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I really hate travelling
Posted by Gizmo on March 12, 2008
So I carefully pick my hotel, only to find it not having internet access in my room and somewhat crappy reception in the hotel foyer. So I'll be making the stories from my hotel room and getting everything ready tonight, ready to upload tomorrow morning via some "borrowed" wifi at Messe. Sorry and all that.
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Traktor Scratch bump to v1.2
Posted by Gizmo on March 10, 2008
Traktor Scratch v1.2 update

MusikMesse looks to be a quiet time this year with not very much new at all being unleashed. Even on home turf, Native Instruments don't have a stand and are simply trickling out a update here and there - this time taking their vinyl wielding Traktor Scratch getting an incremental update to v1.2. What's New? Check after the jump.

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Say it loud - I love crap and I'm proud!
Posted by Gizmo on March 4, 2008

Human nature is a strange thing. Watching the news makes you think that nothing good ever happens, bar a waterskiing squirrel or the cutest baby polar bear being born in captivity being tagged on the end in a bid to leave you with a dose of the warm and fuzzies. Equally, we're more likely to spend hours, nay days, writing reams of rantage and negativity about a slightly loose fader cap than we are to post a glowing report of own gear based experiences. This leaves people with the distinct impression that all DJ gear in one way or another is the worst steaming pile of tummy rubbish known to man. This simply isn't true, leaving many lumps of great DJ gear tarnished with the shit brush simply because a handful of disgruntled owners know how to use the internet.
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Introducing Project Faderbox
Posted by Gizmo on March 3, 2008
Audio Innovate skratchworx faderbox

As you might expect, laying my hands as I do on mountains of seriously trouser tent making gear, I sometimes get inspiration for my own lumps of nextlevelness™, and out of my addled brain cells often come incoherent thoughts that, after a bit of shaping, become potentially quite good products. This year I plan to shape these ideas into actual proposals for manufacturers via a separate venture, but the one that has hung around for the longest was inspired a few years ago by a thread about really basic mixers. Having taken it to a certain level, I feel it's time to share and get feedback before taking it further. Say hello to "Project Faderbox".
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EVO4 - The picture they didn't want you to see
Posted by Gizmo on March 3, 2008
Ecler EVO4 MusikMesse 2008

Try as hard as they might, Ecler just couldn't keep a lid on the EVO4 with spy pictures of what looks like exhibition panels for MusikMesse with the EVO4 in full effect(s) surfacing. So seeing as it's unofficially out there, we've had permission to put it officially out there as it were.

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