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Monthly Archive

Below is a complete archive of all the news stories we've ever posted, broken down by month. Apologies for any missing pictures - the recent host change has seen a few images go walkabout. As I come across them, I'll find them and reinsert them. But I'm sure you'd rather I worked on the all new site than recover 7 year old images.

I missed my flight home!
Posted by Gizmo on March 30, 2007
What a complete tool. So here I am in the nearest hotel rather than doss on the airport floor with extortionately high web rates. This means there's no updates as frankly I'm not in the mood. You'll have to wait until the weekend. Sorry but 4 hours of sleep and having to go through 4 lots of security checks to recover my luggage really doesn't make me want to do anything but sleep. Yes - I'm a grumpy as hell. Don't step. mad.gif
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The NI Seal of Approval
Posted by Gizmo on March 30, 2007

Imagine that you've got software sooooo good that just about everyone wants a slice of it. Wouldn't it be nice to shout from the rooftops that (insert manufacturer name here) thinks your stuff is bloody great and worthy of becoming the pumping software blood in their hardware veins. Well Native Instruments think so have have decided to introduce a sort of "NI Inside" program for certain products that work wonderfully with the mighty Traktor range of software.
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Vestax - decks, decks and ummm... USB stuff
Posted by Gizmo on March 29, 2007

Once again being lured into the inner sanctum of Vestax's suite at Messe, I happened upon many delights and all shapes and sizes and got glimpses of the future of the Japanese DJ giant. I saw multicoloured VCIs, 2 flavours of PDX3000, a finished Controller One and the next generation of 4 channel mixer madness. No - not the already seen almost reviewed PMC280, something like way more awesomer dudes.
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3..2..1.. xones are go!
Posted by Gizmo on March 29, 2007

Best of British Allen and Heath are clearly on a MIDI roll. Having knocked out the DJ world with the mixing controller monster Xone:3D and it's smaller sibling Xone:2D, Allen and Heath have completed the family with the... can you guess? Yes the Xone:1D. And finally the Xone:02 gets a facelift, albeit a limited edition one with some funky fresh faceplates and a Pro X Fade inside. God's own mixer people.
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EVO5 rocks my world
Posted by Gizmo on March 29, 2007

So the teaser is all counted out and I've laid my lucky paws ever so briefly on the EVO5 and I'm heartily impressed. From the strangely numbered yet logical channels all the way to the impressive colour screen, the EVO5 oooooozes quality and a feature set to die for. Today, I yearned for a mixer with more than 2 channels and the name of my new love is the EVO5.
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All alone in Frankfurt :(
Posted by Gizmo on March 22, 2007

One advantage of being self employed is not having to juggle schedules and save holiday for the annual short trek across the North Sea to Frankfurt for the annual gear fest that is MusikMesse, which starts in a week. This year will be strange as for the first time in 4 years, my normal travelling companion NdB won't be losing his camera again joining me.
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FEATURE: Vestax VCI-100
Posted by Gizmo on March 21, 2007

With the MIDI controller market hotting up considerably, there seems to be a clear favourite - the not in any way plastic Vestax VCI-100. And of course, it would be remiss of us if we didn't throw our journalistic toys out of our pram and demand that a unit be shipped to us right away. 4 days late isn't right away (yeah I'm talking to you mad.gif) so I ended up with a little over 2 days play before it went off to another equally gear hungry magazine (Paul - mail me). But here are my initial findings.
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Back on safe ground - Ortocarts ahoy
Posted by Gizmo on March 20, 2007

More Ortofon news - this time some shiny new products of their own. In this age of turning everything digital, Ortofon have released the Aktiv that aims to capture all the detail of your vinyl and give you the truest representation for digital encoding. And for Nightclub users, there's a sequel - logically the Nightclub II. Re-engineered and having a pimp my cart paintjob, this cart now has a higher output.
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Ortofon and mixers... whaaa?
Posted by Gizmo on March 20, 2007

Damn. Being the owner of a Rodec Scratchbox for a while now, I've always enjoyed the fact that I could regale my colonial friends with stories of silky smooth faders, real curves and a wonderful assignable third channel. "Oh you don't have them yet do you? Poor you having to use (insert another mixer brand name here)" I used to mock. But now meddling do-gooders Ortofon have gone and crippled my one-upmanship abilities by becoming the official distributor for Rodec in the US and Canada. Grrr...
CLICK HERE for the full story and 34 comments

EVO5 spy pics?
Posted by Gizmo on March 19, 2007

So Ecler's EVO5 campaign kinda sorta fell off the rails a little bit for a while but the counter is still a tickin', the seconds and minutes falling away all the way down to MusikMesse a week on Wednesday. But some new pics have surfaced, albeit seemingly shot on the world's shittiest camera. Tie cam?

UPDATE: This just in - the Eternal is an optional extra.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 16 comments

Stanton play musical chairs
Posted by Gizmo on March 15, 2007

In a change to the advertised program, sw_smilie.png will, from time to time, report industry news. We at sw_smilie.png Towers feel it is our responsibility to keep you informed of industry movers and shakers, who's hiring and importantly who's firing. We hope this will bring you closer to the people who keep you gear junkies doped up to the eyeballs with wallet breaking next gen DJ stuff.

So let's start this off. After spending a certain amount of time in the manufacturer wilderness, Stanton have announced some sweeping changes at the top of the corporate food chain. After appointing a new CEO and President - Timothy Dorwart and Mike Quandt respectively - the guys have made a number of promotions to breathe some life back into the company. Let's hope they can start to bring us some kick ass gear again.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 17 comments

Summit for the weekend sir?
Posted by Gizmo on March 14, 2007

Just as we begin the annual DMC cycle, another DVD from last year's battle has hit the digital streets. You may remember the original summit from 1997, where former world champions got together in Italy and cut it up fresh. And at last year's finals, the stage was full of a newer collection of DMC champions who did an equally sterling job of having a laugh and showing us why they won their respective titles. Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you the DMC Summit DVD.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 7 comments

The Torq is now in X-Session
Posted by Gizmo on March 12, 2007

If you bought an M-audio X-Session Pro MIDI mixer, you were pretty much left high and dry, with just the hope that you'd be able to hook it up to Traktor, Ableton etc and mix away like a pro. But now, M-Audio that you should be able to keep it M-Audio and have made Torq LE - a cut down but capable version of Torq - available for free.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 17 comments

Behringer tease us so...
Posted by Gizmo on March 9, 2007

Seems the DJ trade has gone teaser mad. First we had the M-Audio candy coloured soft shot heralding the launch of the candy coloured Xponent controller, then Ecler the EVO5 tease was successfully blown wide open (for a day at least) but now Behringer has stepped up with a tease of their own.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 35 comments

The VCI has landed!
Posted by Gizmo on March 8, 2007

OK people - as witnessed from the NAMM coverage and subsequent comments, the new Vestax VCI-100 is pure h33t, so much so that they're like rocking horse shit right now. But as you might expect, we have one, but only for the briefest moment in time. It's now Thursday morning and it must go back on Monday. So it's fair to say that anything I write about it can't really be classed as a sw_smilie.png review as such, more of a first look at a pre-production model. I need to make sure that I cover off as much as possible in the super short time I have and want your questions ASAP.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 46 comments

Xone:3D gets Live Lite 6
Posted by Gizmo on March 8, 2007

Allen & Heath's behemoth box of faders, knobs and light the Xone:3D continues to wow DJs around the world and to keep things up to date, a new Lite version of Ableton 6 is ready to download for free for existing customers.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 3 comments

Finally hanging with the cool cats
Posted by Gizmo on March 7, 2007

Sometimes, you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. One such gift horse is Youtube. So rather than keep getting stupid bandwidth bills, I've decided to use Youtube's and have set up a growing catalogue of sw_smilie.png footage, both old and new. As and when I think of some old movie I've taken, I'll upload it for you guys to relive past times, and to see some seriously high quality scratch action.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 16 comments

EVO5 Ecler teaser
Posted by Gizmo on March 5, 2007

Coming up to MusikMesse, there's always a degree of info seeping out from manufacturers and here is one that does little more than count down until the opening doors of MusikMesse. Ecler clearly have something in the works with what will probably be a series of next generation mixers, the first of which is the EVO5.
CLICK HERE for the full story and 37 comments

TTX - now with added USB (I think)
Posted by Gizmo on March 2, 2007

In what can only described as the vaguest official release I know of, Numark has sort of announced a new TTX turntable. There have been rumours around for a little while but nothing concrete. Thus I have no pictures, specifications or release date but I do at least have the go ahead from Numark to tell you that the new TTX will incorporate USB - we think just USB audio out and costing you an extra 30.
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From dayglo to monochrome
Posted by Gizmo on March 1, 2007

When the Pro X Fade hit the market, all other competitors knelt at it's greatness. Yet at the same time, we all spontaneously puked marvelled at the vomit coloured unique brown/green fader cap. But now instead of having to mod an Ecler or Rane cap to fit, Ebsel have now brought forth a rather more conventional black and white fader cap for the less adventurous DJs out there. Available now from the Ebsel online shop for the paltry sum of 1.50 plus postage. That is all.
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